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Earlier we have discussed about how Windows 8 can be customized using third party utility software Décor 8. We all are well aware that Windows 8 doesn’t include start menu, Start 8 can readily add that to Windows 8 which is highly configurable and works completely fine. Stardock, the makers of Decor 8 and Start 8 have come out with software that will organize icon on Windows 8 Desktop. Follow the tutorial here to know more about the software.

organize w8 desktop with fences

Stardock presents Fences to group your items under fences to make the desktop appear more organized and clean. Most users have several files, folders icons scattered all over the desktop. For them this utility program can be helpful. Fences group item or icons on the desktop and organize them under movable groups called fences. It even hides icons that are currently not in use.

Fences is one of a kind tool for Windows 8 user. It makes the desktop appear clean and organized. You can avail its free version for some period or else you can grab it only for $9.99 from the official website.

Salient features of Fences

  • Organize desktop Icons into groups (fences) with different names assigned to each fence
  • Hide Icons when not in use
  • Clean and Tidy desktop
  • Set Control settings to automatically organize desktop

If you don’t find any use for the icons on the desktop, you can simply double-click on any blank space on your desktop this will make the icons to fade out. You can find ample of spaces on your desktop which make it appear clean and clear. To get the hidden icons back on desktop again double click.

To flip a page on the fences at desktop, hover the mouse cursor towards the edge of your screen and drag them out by clicking on them. This way you can accommodate any files to fences to make your desktop look more organized. You can also create fences or groups for adding files or items related separately i.e. for instant you can put all your official files under one fence so that you can easily locate them or in other words say you don’t have to search for them through all the scattered desktop icons.


As mentioned in the feature, Fences allows you to create groups or say shaded regions on desktop to group the desktop icons. Once you make a fence or group with items or icons, you are free to keep them or resize anywhere on the desktop.
You can set fences to arrange or group the newly added icons or set how an icon gets added to a particular fence involuntarily.

This is all about Fences. You can now easily locate your folders or files or icons from your cluttered desktop. If you someone who don’t get enough time to arrange icons manually which is hectic, you can try Fences to organize and manage your desktop icons and make your desktop look clean and organized.


Priyanka contributes to the Computer and Gadgets section on Techcular.

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