Find Hidden Skype Emotions or Smileys

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skype logoSkype is one of the most popular chat services. Different chat services are popular because of their unique features and facilities likewise Skype is popular for it’s voice call services. You can talk to anyone on this world with a Skype username. Like every other chat services it’s having some hidden smileys and emotions in it also. Lets know how to find them out.

Skype is having some hidden smileys and you can use them while chatting with friends. Skype is using different emotions, they are not the regular emotions or smileys we use with yahoo messenger or MSN messenger. Yes, these emotions are hidden and can not be found from the menu bar. You have to type the smiley codes manually in order to use them in your chat conversations.

Below I’m providing you a screenshot with all those hidden skype smileys and emotion codes. Simply type those codes and get the corresponding smiley.

skype emotions

From now on let the smileys speak your mind on skype chat service. If you know more smiley codes, use the below comment section to share with others.

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