How to Fix Android Error “Unable to Open Connection to Server” with Exchange 2010

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Android users are facing problems with Exchange 2010 Service Pack 1. The main problem is that you cannot install Exchange 2010 SP1 without first installing a handful of hotfixes. This issue occurs as SP1 made some changes to SDK including removing some of existing cmdlets. If you are among those Android users who face the same problem, then here’s the solution for you. In this article I have mentioned some easy steps that you can use to fix  Android Error “Unable to Open Connection to Server” with Exchange 2010.

Android Error Exchange 2010 Fix

Procedure to fix the “Unable to Open Connection Server” Error:

1) First you need to remove the Android mobile devices affected from each users mailboxes.

2) After that remove the Default (and any other ActiveSync) policy using EMC — Remove-ActiveSyncMailboxPolicy -id; setting all users to no activesync policy.

3) Now setup the Andriod phones to sync and let them get past the initial synchronization.

4) Once the Android phones are synched, recreate the ActiveSync Policy and set it back to default.


  • Android SDK with ADB.
  • An emulated device (2.1 or 2.2 depending on what your phone is running).
  • Your Android phone.

So these are the steps and requirements to fix the “Unable to Open Connection Server” Error issue. If you know any other tricks, then let us know about it. Till then stay tuned for more updates.


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