Fix: Automatic Repair, Refresh, Reset fails to Boot Windows 8

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Does your Windows 8 fail to boot? Windows 8 is the latest Operating system from Microsoft with many added features compared to the earlier version of Windows OS. If for some unknown errors you find that your Windows 8 fails to boot. When the system fails to boot, it auto launches Automatic Repair to repair the OS. But what if the Automatic Repair also fails to fix the issue? Follow the tutorial here how you can fix Windows 8 booting issue when automatic Repair, Refresh, Reset PC fails to do so or fix them.

fix Windows 8

When you find that Windows 8 fails to boot and using Automatic Repair does not bring out any fix or it fails too. If this is the case, you need to either Refresh your PC or Reset your PC.

To achieve this, firstly you need to select Advanced options > Troubleshoot > Reset or Refresh. What’s next if you find out that neither Automatic repair nor Refresh or Reset your PC options fails to resolve the booting issue.

When Automatic repair nor Refresh or Reset your PC options fails too, then it may be Windows registry that is to be blamed. If system registry gets corrupted or damaged, then it can prevent your system from booting.

Fix – Windows 8 fails to boot

Microsoft has itself brought out a fix to this kind of errors i.e. Refresh or Reset PC fails after Automatic Repair fails in Windows 8

fix windows8 boot1

When the Refresh or Reset or repair option fails, you get to the WinRE screen, here select Troubleshoot > Advanced options

fix windows 8 boot

  • From the Advanced options, select Command Prompt

fix windows 8 boot2

  • Now, using the CD command, you need to change the directory to \Windows\System32\config folder, simply type cd %windir%\system32\config and hit Enter

fix windows 8 boot winre cmd

  • Next, you need to rename the System and Software registry hives to System.001 and Software.001. To do so type the command given below one after the other and hit Enter
    • ren system system.001
    • ren software software.001
  • To use Refresh your PC, simply rename the System hive. In case, the Software hive is also corrupted, then also you are not allowed to use the Refresh your PC option. So, you need to rename the Software hive too. Upon renaming the Software hive, you won’t be to use Refresh your PC option, but only the Reset your PC option.
  • Lastly, type Exit to close the Command Prompt window.

Now, Restart your windows 8 PC back to the Automatic Repair screen and Select Advanced options > Troubleshoot > Reset your PC or Reset your PC as per your requirement.

Upon following the tutorial described here you can fix the Windows 8 booting issues or fix issues with automatic Repair, Refresh and Reset PC.


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