BSoD on Windows 7/Vista – How to Fix it?

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Does your Windows 7 PC come up with BSOD on boot? When you turned On your system you suddenly see that without booting in a normal way (as it would do) it rather showed up BSOD. Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) generally indicates a failing hard drive or serious issue with system drives or motherboard or any other hardware internal issues. You may never know when your system starts behaving in an abnormal way creating all mess in the system and you are left behind helpless with no access to your System. Today we will be discussing about how you can fix the BSOD issue on your Windows Vista/7 PC.

fix bsod windows 7 vista

BSoD are serious issues and can lead to major damages on the system hardware. Here are some of the troubleshooting steps to fix the BSoD problem in Windows PC.

Fix – BSOD on Windows 7

  • When a BSoD appears wait for a while to see whether it disappears or not Or else Restart your PC and see if BSoD appears again. If you can successfully boot into the PC, try installing new drivers for your Chipset or video card Driver. Visit manufacturer’s website and enter your Service Tag number and download the Chipset drivers and update all video or graphics card driver. Reboot the system to see if you get any BSoD.
  • Run a operation to  Check System Hard Disk ,
  • Go to Start orb and type CMD in the search box at the bottom of the start menu
  • Now, from the results that appear, right click on CMD and select Run As Administrator. This will open Elevated Command Prompt with Admin privileges
  • Next, type chkdsk /F command in the command prompt and hit enter. This will start scanning your system disk or the volume for errors and fix them.


  • Type letter Y in the command prompt representing Yes and reboot your system.

If this doesn’t help, then either it is malware action or Graphics card issue or faulty RAM or HDD.

  • Check your system Graphics card or Run RAM test to determine the actual culprit or see the system HDD are working perfectly fine. If the ram test indicates nothing or comes out clear then try consulting the system manufacturer or hardware consultant to get your problem fixed.

If you are unable to boot in to the system try entering into safe Mode and perform the steps described above.

Hopefully, the troubleshooting steps described here will help you fix the BSOD on Windows 7 PC.


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