Fix – Keyboard Hangs & Glitches in Windows 8

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Keyboard is the input unit which helps us entering data and information to the system .In other words keyboards is the other means to enter commands to direct Windows PC. Many users out there have been complaining about the keyboard Hangs or glitches in Windows 8. If keyboard stop functioning then you are almost helpless if you have something important to type. You can use the Onscreen Keyboard but it doesn’t provide much easier functionality. In this tutorial we will be discussing some troubleshooting steps to fix this problem with keyboard.

fix keyboard problems

Often users might have noticed that Keyboard doesn’t type the words enter rather the cursor blinks at one position or the words typed on keyboards don’t match with the word on screen or at times the keyboard seems to repeat letters that are typed once. Many users often complain about the keys sticking or not functioning or the weird of all is Windows just don’t recognize Windows.

Here are some possible fixes to troubleshoot the errors or fix the Keyboard problems like glitches or hangs.

Steps To Fix Keyboard Problems

If you find that Windows fails to recognize keyboard completely or only some keys, then this seems to be a driver or connection issue. Firstly, make sure that the connections are plugged in properly Or try unplugging the keyboard plug and plug in back.

Next, open device manager and check for the drivers are updated or not. Outdated drivers can cause many issues or say missing drivers for Keyboards can also be the culprit behind non-functioning of the keyboard. Type device manager on start screen or press Windows + C to open charms bar and type in device manager. Click on the device manager icon from the results to open it.

In device manager, navigate to keyboards and double click on it. In the properties window you can view its working status or update the drivers.

device manager w8

You can also do the same from Control Panel. Open control panel and click on Hardware and Sound > Keyboard. In the properties window that opens, click on Hardware tab, and look for the keyboard in use and double-click it. Switch to Driver tab and here click on Update Driver button, and follow the onscreen instructions.

After installation on new drivers or updates, if prompted for restart, do so.

If you find some keys sticking on the board or just cannot be pressed, this can be probably due to accumulation of dust. Turn your keyboard upside down and give a gentle pat on it or try using compressed air can to remove the dust accumulated on the keyboard.

While typing in laptop make sure that you are not touching the touchpad, often it has been found that touching the touchpad accidentally can make the cursor jump and you end up writing something else.

Try using Microsoft Fix it to troubleshoot keyboard errors. Simply download the file, run and follow the onscreen instructions.

That’s all. Hope the general troubleshooting steps described in here will fix all the issues with Windows 8 keyboard.


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