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With the launch of Windows 8, many users out there must have upgraded to the new OS from its earlier version. On upgrading to Windows 8, Microsoft Office also gets upgraded from the earlier version to office 2013. But, users have been complaining that after been upgraded to Office 13, Windows still shows the old shortcuts that were available with its earlier version. For example, if you have upgraded from Windows 7 with Office 2010 to Windows 8 with office 2013, then in some cases it has been found that the old entries or option are surfaced instead the new office ribbon. Here is the tutorial how you can fix this issue.

office 2010 2013 suites fix

If Office 2013 shows the older buttons of Office 2010 instead of the new ribbon settings after upgrading to Windows 8, here are the best possible ways to fix the problem or say to get office 2013 instead of 2010.

Microsoft has come with the solution after seeing so many users facing this kind of issues after upgrading. Follow the procedures below to uninstall or remove Microsoft Office 2010 suites from Windows 8 Office 2013.

Steps to Uninstall Microsoft Office 2010 suites from Windows 8

Using Control Panel

  • Open Control Panel either from the start screen tile or using search charm from (Windows + C) charms bar
  • In the Control Panel, click on Apps
  • Next, go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features
  • Now, from the list search for a different Office product and right click on it followed by clicking on Uninstall button.

Repeat the similar process to remove other Office 2010 products in the list.

Using Microsoft Fix it

Microsoft releases Fix it to fix the issue with Office 2010 suites in Windows 8. Click to download and save the file. Next open the folder, and look for the Fix it with a name O15CTRRemove. Now, double-click it to run the troubleshooter, avoid opening it directly.

fix it

This will most probably Fix the issues with remaining of Office 2010 in Windows 8 that ships Office 2013.
You can follow the similar procedures if you have upgraded to Office 2013 but still see the office 2010 suites and options or features.

That’s all. If you get office 2010 suites on office 2013, you can follow the steps described here to uninstall or remove them to access the new MS Office 2013 without any issues.


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