Fix: Start Up Issues with Dell Inspiron running on Windows 8

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Inspiron Computers are manufactured by Dell around the globe and has been well accepted by many users. Dell provides excellent before and after sales services. With the invention of the newer version of Dell Inspiron, some users have been complaining about the startup issues like Dell systems running on Windows 8 OS fail to boot or freezes after flashing of Dell logo or the screen goes grey or blue at start up. In this tutorial we will be discussing about some troubleshooting steps to get the error fixed on Dell Inspiron.

fix startup issues dell inspiron windows8

Dell Inspiron turns grey or showed up Blue screen on startup, but after rebooting the system, the issues seems solved or say the system starts as usual. That’s not the end; every time the system is booted it showed up the similar issues and requires restart. Or some PC just freezes after the Dell Logo flashes and the screen turn grey. If you are facing this kind of circumstances, here are few ways to get it fixed instantly.

Steps to FIX Start-up issue with Inspiron running on Windows 8

Firstly, try getting to the Safe mode using F8 key (if possible), and undo the changes made on the system recently. It has been noticed that this kind of issues are generated after installation of software’s or drivers or due to some changes on the system settings. If you have installed any software recently, try uninstalling them or best restore PC if you have any restore points created earlier. This will bring back the PC to a state where it worked error free.

Another thing you can try is updating the system drivers or latest updates.

If you are unable to enter safe mode, then you can enter the system BIOS using F2 key or any relevant key.

bios screen

Now follow the procedures below and see if it resolves your issues.

Press F2 key at startup to enter BIOS and go to SATA and change the settings from Intel Smart Response to AHCI and reboot the system after saving the changes.

Again follow the similar procedure to enter the BIOS and this time retrieve the settings i.e. change the SATA operation from AHCI to Intel Smart Response and save the changes made.

This would probably fix your issues with Windows 8 startup in Dell and normally boot the system.

If you can successfully boot your system, install all the latest Windows updates available on your PC. Now, restart your system and press F12 and select Diagnostics. This will determine whether the hardware of the system is working perfectly fine or not. So, that you can assure who is the real culprit behind the issues whether it is the hardware or the OS.

If no errors are detected after running diagnostics, again enter system BIOS using F2 on start up. Now, select Restore defaults under Exit tab. Next, switch to Boot tab in BIOS and look if Boot list option is set to UEFI with Secure boot is enabled.

Now exit the BIOS after saving the changes made. Again boot the system to see whether issue is fixed or not.

Alternatively, enter BIOS using F2 key at start up and navigate to the Security area. Now, try refreshing the Secure Boot option i.e. turn it Off and press F10 to Save and Exit.

Again, reboot the system after few minutes; go to BIOS and Turn On Secure Boot and save the changes made using F10 and exit the BIOS.

You can visit the manufacturer site and download the appropriate version of Drivers or system BIOS for your PC.

Hopefully, the steps described here will fix your errors with Dell Windows 8 start up or else you can try refresh or have fresh installation of OS or else contact Dell technical executives.


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