Fix – Touchpad Stopped Working on Windows 8

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Windows 8 Touchpad randomly stopped working? You turn on your laptop and on moving your fingers over the touchpad find that it is not working. If you are a laptop user then you might be encountering a huge problem if the synaptic trackpad or touchpad stops working. You can be really put into helpless situation. So, here is how you get rid of this situation or say fix this issue on your Windows 8 laptop.

Fix Touchpad Stop Working windows 8

While working on your laptop all of a sudden out of nowhere you find that your touchpad isn’t working Or say on turning on your system you find yourself in a helpless situation where you the touchpad isn’t working. So, here are some troubleshooting steps to fix this issue on Windows 8.

While you were busy typing or working upon your system it may so happen that you might have accidentally hit the mouse lock button the keyboard. Laptop keyboard accommodate a mouse lock key that makes the touchpad go unresponsive. This button comes in handy when you don’t want the mouse to jump all over the screen. So, press the key on the keyboard and see if helps you to activate the touchpad.

Outdated touchpad or synaptic drivers can also make the trackpad unresponsive. So, make sure that your synaptic drivers are updated. Open device manager by searching for it in the search charm. In the device manager look for the synaptic drivers under mice and other pointing drivers and update it.

windows device manager

At times if the drivers encountered any problem you can find that in device manager take appropriate measures to fix the issue. If you are indicated to re-install the drivers then do so. Always remember to download drivers for manufacturer’s website. Reboot your system once you have installed drivers and have well working touchpad.

Enable Palm checking on Windows 8. To do so, follow the steps given below.

  • Open control Panel in all icons view and click on the Mouse icon
  • Click on TouchPad Settings tab
  • Next, go to Pad Settings > Pointing > PalmCheck-Enhanced and hit the gear icon

palmcheck enhanced

  • Under PalmCheck, drag the slider to Off and hit OK and Close all window.
    By this you can enable the palm checking on Windows 8.

The un-responding touchpad problem might also arise due to corrupted system files. So perform a system file check. Open command prompt with Admin rights using Win + X menu and type in sfc/scannow and hit enter. This will fix all the corrupted system files on the system.

Hopefully the fixes described here in this tutorial help you fix issues with Windows 8 touchpad and work with your touchpad flawlessly.


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