FIX – Windows 8 Installation Problem due to Installed program

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On upgrading to Windows 8 the system is struck after prompting to uninstall a program that is already been uninstalled. This strange behavior will be a great issue for a novice. So, here is the tutorial how you can fix this issue on your Windows 8 system.

FIX Windows 8 Installation ProblemWhen you upgraded to Windows 8 or during the installation the system prompted you to uninstall a program that was already uninstalled or the installation process just got struck in between. To get rid of this issue, here are some possible ways to fix the problem on Windows 8.

Fixes to resolve Windows 8 Installation Problem

Deleting or uninstalling a program doesn’t remove all the entries from the system. Some entries are backed up in the registry. Use registry cleaner or CCleaner or program uninstaller to get rid of the obsolete registry entries.

Undo all the recently installed drivers or software as they might be causing the installation issues on the system.

Restore your Windows 8 PC to a point where the system worked perfectly fine. This will help you fix the problems that have occurred recently by taking you to the state where the system operated flawlessly. But, if you are using Windows RT then you cannot use System Restore as it is not available.

If your system avails System restore, you can follow the procedures below.

  • Press Windows + C and type recovery in the search charm
  • Next, click on Settings, and go to Recovery

recovery windows8

  • Now, open System Restore, and pursue the on-screen prompts.

After restoring to an earlier point, you can find that your issue with installation of Windows 8 is gone.

Windows 8 also offers Refresh option. This will fix or replace the corrupted system files without affecting user data files or system settings. But the utility programs that are non-Microsoft needs to be re-installed.

Run a full system scan using Microsoft Security essential to remove virus or malware if the issues are due to Malware infection then running a scan can help you fix the problem.

Lastly, try Clean Installation of Windows 8. This will help to fix any issues with the OS and you can get started well and use your system without much hassle.

Hope the fixes described above help you fix the installation issues with Windows 8.


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