Windows Video/ Audio Sound Distorted – How to Fix it?

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Does your System Sound gets distorted or attenuated and evenly faints? There can be various reasons causing this issue like error with flash player, drivers, or anything. In this tutorial we will be discussing about how to resolve issues with sounds on Windows that gets distorted or faints gradually while playing certain videos or watching YouTube content.

fix distorted sound windows

At times it has been noticed that certain videos accompany strange noise or say the sound is distorted or jumbled. This can be either due to corrupted Drivers or flash player or problems with speakers or headphones or the video itself is distorted. Here are some possible fixes to resolve the system (Windows) Sound Distortion.

Steps to Fix System Sound Distortion

  • If you are using headphones or speakers when you hear the noise distorted, try playing the video and use some other headphone or see if the headphone or the sound distorts only for that specific video. Use the headphone to listen the video or audio on some other PC. If the problem continues then it might be video itself that is causing the issue. If the audio plays fine with other headphones then it seems that the headphone are defective.
  • Flash player plays an important role in playing the flash media or flash containing items. At times there is possibility that the Flash-player output overloads the sound-card leading to sound distortion. To fix this, right-click on the Flash media or video that is played and look for an option to adjust the volume, if so then adjust it to 50%-75% approx.
  • Open Volume mixer by clicking on the volume icon the desktop taskbar. Adjust the settings and see if the distortion is reduced.

volume mixer

  • Update Sound /Audio Drivers (Realtek) on the system or install new sound driver’s from the manufacturer’s website. Open Device Manager and double click on Sound, Video and Game Controllers and update all the listed items or try running troubleshooter to fix the issues with the drivers.

windows device manager

  • Update Flash Player and see if helps in reducing the sound distortion, if not get to the previous versions as sometimes Windows doesn’t respond the new updates.
  • If the audio is clear when played on other system, then the system speakers might be the culprit.

That’s all. Here is how you can get rid of distorted sound on Windows PC.

Hope the troubleshooting steps illustrated above help you fix the issues with System sound distortion and ensure happy hearing.


Priyanka contributes to the Computer and Gadgets section on Techcular.

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