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If the buzz of World’s cheapest tablet was enough to keep you excited, I am sure that you will be on your toes to know that you can pocket this India’s own Android tablet for free. While gearing up for December giveaway or TechCular, we wanted to let you know that currently we are organizing two separate giveaways on two of our promising blogs from our blogs network, PriceIndia.org, and IndiWeb.in. The giveaways are already in effect and ends on the last day of 2011.

So far there is no clarity on the Aakash tablet release date, and hence we directly communicated with the marketing head of DataWind, India, to place a bulk order. As per the expectations, the commercial version of this cheapest 3G tablet might hit the market in the third week of December, but since the demand is much higher than the actual production, you might have to wait fora few months to buy one for you.

aakash tablet free giveaway

However, if you are really keen to be among one of the first owners of Aakash tablet, enter the simple contests on PriceIndia.org, and Indiweb.in, and grab the chance to win free Aakash tablets. Note that the giveaways on both these sites are different, and they are no way linked to each other. One can participate in both these giveaways.

PriceIndia.org – 5 Aakash tablets Giveaway

Indiweb.in – 5 Aakash Tablets Giveaway

Both giveaways are limited to Indian citizens only. To prevent spamming and duplicate entries, we might ask for identity proof, residence proof of the winners before shipping the Aakash tablets to them.

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  1. swapnil bansal

    The aakash tab i got from contest of priceindia.org had a cracked screen. I don’t know whether it occurred during shipping process or was like this before only. So is there any possibility of replacing it because it is not working at all!

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