Free Apps to Customize Windows 8 Phone Start Screen

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Microsoft has developed the new Windows 8 in a manner to be compatible with both Windows 8 PC & Smartphone’s. The Operating system supports both Windows 8 phone, tabs, PC, etc. If you are well aware of the new OS, then you might have come across the new start screen feature. Well this feature looks cool in Phone’s and tabs. If you are a user for Windows Phone 8 and fond of customizing your phones with different Apps, here is the tutorial listing about the Apps that customizes the Windows phone 8 Start Screen.

Free Apps to Customize Windows 8 Phone Start Screen
Windows 8 Smartphone’s come with a start screen layout of 3-sized tiles. Here are the Apps the will allow you to bring out the best possible use of those tiles to make it more productive.

Apps to Customize Windows Phone 8 Start Screen


tiles app

Tiles is a simple, easy and free to use app for Windows Phone 8. This tool allows you to create custom tiles for your Smartphone start screen. You can not only create custom tiles, but can also assign specific action to it. For instance, you can create a live tile and make its background change after specific time interval. It also ships with few other pre-created or say pre-installed tile like that of Cellular settings, Airplane mode, Compose email, Search, Send SMS, Wi-Fi settings, Bluetooth settings and many more.

Note Tiles

Note Tiles

Note Tiles is another freeware App for Windows 8 Phones. As the name itself indicates that it allows you to create custom tiles that can be used as a note. It would provide you a space for 100 characters. You can use this space to write custom notes and pin it to the start screen as a tiled-note.


connectivity shortcuts apps

With the app called ConnectivityShortcuts, you can create a shortcut to have a quick access to the connectivity settings directly from the start screen. It includes four connectivity shortcuts like Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Cellular. Pin any of the connectivity settings to the start screen and you are on the respective settings page in a single tap that is you don’t have to be going into settings app separately. This app also shows the current status of Cellular and Wi-Fi tile, that is whether they are enabled or disabled.

It is readily available on Windows Phone Marketplace and all for free. It is compatible with Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.5 devices as well.


My Tile Maker

It is another alternative to Tiles, as MyTileMaker App allows you to create a customized and use the tiles for various functions. You can create and pin unlimited memo, lists and image tiles to the Windows 8 Phone start screen. This App can set images into multiple tiles by splitting the image and also allows you to set reminders to the memo tiles. You can customize the tiles various colors to make your screen look more colorful and all for free Windows Phone Marketplace. It is compatible with Windows Phone 8 and Windows Phone 7.8 devices.

If you are the one looking forward to customize Windows 8 Phone start screen or fond of customizing, you can use any of the Apps listed here in this tutorial.


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