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Here you go. Enter a simple contest and get a Kindle Fire gifted to yourself. The recently announced Kindle Fire is creating buzz around for some very obvious reasons. Though I don’t see it like a strong competitor to iPad 2 or Android tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab 750, you still get hooked to it as you get the Amazon touch. And hence we decided to keep the Kindle Fire as the winning gift.

Free Kindle Fire Contest

More about Kindle Fire?

Sure, go ahead, and read it all here.

How to Participate?

Simple. Just write about this contest on your blog, or website. And let us know about your entry by commenting below. Don’t forget to mention the URL linking to your blog post/website article.

How to Win?

Even simpler. The post that gets maximum social media exposure wins! We will calculate the social media exposure based on the number of Facebook shares, Tweets, Stumbles, Google +, Diggs, etc.

How to Win? (Cheats)

Ask all your friends, family members, relatives, and colleagues to promote your posts.

Any Rules?

Oh yes, there are a few.

  • The winner will be announced on 26th October – Diwali.
  • The winner will be awarded with a brand new Kindle Fire tablet. The product will be shipped to your address directly from US and we will take care of all charges involved, including shipping & custom charges.
  • The winner will be selected on the maximum number of Facebook shares or likes, tweets, stumbles, diggs, etc. In case two participants end up having the same most number of social media shares, we will take the help of
  • reserves the rights to change the rules anytime during this contest, and cancel a entry if we smell some fishy activities.

All the very best and looking forward to witness some hardcore contestants!

UPDATE: Thanks a lot to everyone for their participation. We did not take few entries into consideration as we noticed some illegal ways were being used to increase share counts.

This contest did see few promising participants. Two participants were competing neck to neck till the end, but one had to win at the end of the day. Let’s have a look on those two participant’s sharing activities. Do note that the sharing results were locked sharp at 12.30 AM, October 27, 2011.

Shares / Blogs ExamResultsOnline RightYaLeft
Facebook 1907 1286
Google + 62 17
Twitter 308 196
Google Buzz 37 473
StumbleUpon 110 1
Digg 171 4
LinkedIn 0 983
Total 2595 2960

Congrats RightYaLeft. A brand new Kindle Fire is coming your way.

@ExamResultsOnline: Dude, you could not win the Kindle Fire, but surely won my respect. As far as I recall, you initially participated in this contest by wiring a post on ScreamingTips and promoted that post like anything. But later that blog got some issues and then you decided to participate again by posting an article on ExamResultsOnline.  You again started promoting the article and fought a very challenging battle with the winner. You fought it like a man, got everything lost, stood again, did not give up, and fought like a man again. Does not matter if you could not win the contest, but honestly, your high spirits made this contest look like a “real contest” :) Hope to see you back in our November contest.

UPDATE 2: After the above update we got an email from ExamResultsOnline, where he informed us that RightYaLeft spammed the contest by continuously re-tweeting his tweet from one account to increase the number of tweets. He did the same on LinkedIn as well. And hence we are disqualifying him from this contest and awarding the prize to ExamResultsOnline. This is official and final.

Soumya is the admin and founder of Techcular. He loves to discover and learn new things on Internet. You can find him writing on his personal blog few times.

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