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Anyone who has got a new Mac out there! So, if you’ve got a new MAC and you’re unaware about what to install in it then your wanderings have ended. Also if you want to have some substitutes for some applications that is being used by you at this time in your Mac then surely you can have a glance at the below showcased list of free apps which are too handy. These are the useful ones and are yet free applications which can be installed in your Mac. Discussed below are the apps which are related to the Audio and Video, Security Tools, Graphics and Image along with Internet and Utilities. Before looking at the applications store, here are some featured useful Mac application and tools which can be as a good suggest for you.

free apps

iFreeMem: It is a System tool that helps to recover memory for your applications to use as well as facilitate to keep away from the performance beat you get while running low on Free memory.


Silver Keeper: This one is also a System tool which features as Mac’s free backup application with the skill of scheduling.

silver keep

The Unarchiver: It is a Productivity app which is quite similar as WinZIP for Mac. It has a support for the various file formats such as include Zip, Tar-GZip, Tar-BZip2, Rar, 7-zip, LhA, StuffIt and lots more or less unclear formats. It also can make out with the carious file-names in foreign character sets along with the creation with the versions different from English version of other operating systems.


Name Mangler: t is also a productivity based app and it features in the case you need to rename a number of files that too in a single time and which is often repeated then this application is going to help you a lot.

name mangler

Skim: This one is a PDF reader for Mac.


Nvu: This one is an editor app for the MAC which has been supported with the ‘WYSIWYG’ HTML editor based on Gecko, Mozilla’s rendering engine.


Smultron: It’s the same Editor app which can be also called as a free text editor available for Mac OS X.



8ClamXav main screen ClamXav: It is a free open source virus checker which is available for Mac OS X.


9Flame: It is an application that lets you to know about what is going on at the back of the scenes on your network.


IP Securitas: This one is an IPsec based VPN which facilitates you to reassign the secure data remotely.

ip securitas

Rookit Hunter: The Rookit Hunter helps you to make searches for the popular UNIX as well as the Mac rootkits and eliminates them too.

rookit hunter

Server Admin Tools: This tool allows you get the entire information related to the Mac OS X Server management software applications.

server admin tools

Tiger Envelopes: This one is a program which is known as the ‘Tiger Envelopes’. It allows you to read and write email in secret.

tiger privacy

WireShark: It is called as a Network protocol analyzer.

wire shark

Audio and Video

Audacity: The Audacity is a free tool which is available for the MAC with features for sound editing as well as recording.


Centerstage Project: It will allow you to play audio, video as well as photos on your Mac and along with this you can also connect it to a TV.

centrestage project

Handbrake: It is an Open-source DVD to MPEG-4 converter.


iPodDisk: It helps you to copy your music from iPod to your Mac and this can be done via Finder.


Miro: It is a free Open- Source music & video player and this program supports the well-known video files. Along with this it also offers sound and video all in HD quality video player such as Youtube viewer, torrent downloader, podcast player, etc. It can play more or less any video file as well as offers above 6,000 free internet TV shows and video podcasts.


MPlayer: The interface is not that a tempting one, but can be a more helpful one for you as it plays more file formats than the VNC player.


VLC Player: It can be one of your much loved Mac video player as it supports nearly all the video formats.

vlc player

Graphics and Image Publishing

GIMP: With the use of this you don’t even need a Photoshop carry out with you.


Inkscape: The Inkscape is an Open Source vector graphics editor which has the ability same as the Illustrator, Xara X, Freehand or the CorelDraw that uses up the W3C standard Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) file format.


iStrip: This is an application that helps you to view and store comic strips which you get available online.


Paparazzi!: It helps to create screenshots of the WebPages.


PhotoBook: The PhotoBook is a Facebook photo browser which is provided for Mac.This one is a beautiful one which makes it easy along with a great fun management as well as serves to share, and views the Facebook photos belonging to your friend that too in a single perceptive interface.


Xee: The Xee is a lightweight, rapid as well as a suitable image viewer and a browser too.


Internet and Network Utilities

Cyberduck: It is an open source FTP, WebDAV, SFTP, Mosso Cloud Files and Amazon S3 browser available for Mac.


Camino Browser: It is one of the powerful browsers which unite the superb visual as well as behavioral experience central to the Macintosh philosophy there by having the powerful abilities of the web-browsing of the Gecko rendering engine.

camino browser

Chicken of the VNC: This one is another VNC client which is available for the Mac OS X.


FileZilla: It is possibly one of the well-known FTP/SFTP around.

file zilla

Firefox Browser: It is a good one for those who are not that acquainted with the Internet and can enjoy surfing web with open standards.

firefox browser

Flock: The Flock is a Social Web Browser that is going to help you a lot with the serving of great excitement.


iStumbler: It is a Wireless discovery tool for Mac OS X, which will serve you with the providing of plugins used to find AirPort networks, Bonjour services along with the Bluetooth devices with your Mac.


JollysFastVNC:  The JollysFastVNC is called as a Secure ARD and VNC client.


Juice: It is a Podcast receiver that facilitates you to create your own custom online audio anytime, anywhere.


KissMac: The KissMac is an open-source as well as a free stumbler/scanner application which is available for Mac OS X


MAMP: MAMP has a full name as Mac, Apache, MySQL and PHP. This one is a one-click-install application which is used to setup a PHP webserver.


Remote Desktop Connection: It helps the Mac application to work quickly and securely to get connected to the Windows-based PCs in order to access Windows-based files, applications, devices, and networks straight from your Mac.

remote desktop

Serverskine: It has the ability so that it can access to all of your web server have an edomain name, and hosting accounts.  Serverskine allows you to keep everything straight in a way that’s intuitive, easy and useful.


SvnX: This one allows you to browse your working copies as well as spot the changes and operate on them but along with this it also allows you to browse logs and revisions of your repositories.


Transmission: It is one of the fast, easy, and free multi-platform based BitTorrent client.


Vuze (Azureus): Azureus which is now called as Vuze is the powerful torrent meta-search which is available with login support for the private trackers.


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  1. Eric Lenhard

    Great list! I’ve used a couple of apps on this list even today but I think there are a couple of other options I’m going to check out. Thanks.

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