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PHP language is one of the widely used web programming language to build web pages. Using PHP language anyone can make interactive and beautiful web pages in less time. To make PHP coding simple and fast, there are many supported PHP tools that can handle PHP language scripts and helps making a PHP web page. At the mean time, there are some online PHP editor that you can use to edit PHP files online and one of those effective free online PHP editors is PHPAnywhere.

PHPAnywhere is a free online tool to edit, code and create PHP languages with an integrated real-time syntax code editor which support most web formats. It can easily recognize most PHP syntax and commands and make the editing process real fast and effective.

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Key Features of PHPAnywhere

  1. Real-time syntax code editor with accurate results
  2. Create and use projects to group files together
  3. Change your file and folder permissions by using PHPanywhere’s ftp explorer
  4. Every action is logged and displayed at bottom of the screen
  5. Various skins to suit your look
  6. Displays shortcuts to the most common commands, recently opened files and project

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