10 Free Websites to Watch Full-Length Movies Online

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Of course, movies are the most preferred mode of entertainment and it is obvious that almost every human in this world likes to watch movies. Most people prefer going to the theaters to watch movies and some prefer to watch sitting at their homes itself. Movies are available in CDs as well as DVDs and are also available for downloads in the internet. You can watch these movies if you have a DVD player or a system having a DVD drive. Well, I must tell as well as assure you that you can watch full movies online via some free websites for which you need a system connected with internet. Erase those old ideas of getting a DVD to watch a movie and be Techno-freak; watch movies online.

There are a lot free website which will enhance your entertainment to a higher level by giving you the exact and proper scope to watch the majority and popular movies of your choice. You don’t need to sign up to these websites but a few clicks will land you to the world of movies. But, as a matter of fact, there are some illegal sites as well as legal or genuine sites too. Due to some legal disputes, some sites don’t provide files and instead they provide links to the sources where as the genuine sites host movies along with the acknowledgement of the producer. Be careful, the devil makes work for idle hands. Therefore, check these best and genuine free websites discussed below and Ace up your sleeve.

10 Websites To Watch Free Online Movies


let me watch this

This website allows you to watch as many movies you want to watch and is sported with a variety movie sections. This site is very well-secured and therefore you need to go through a sign up process and there are no restrictions or particularities. A huge number of movies are available here from which you need to select your choice with just a click on it. It hosts a particular segment – Hottest new releases, which specify all the hot and recent movies released till date. Moreover, one of the amazing facts about this particular site is its facility to stream movies in HD qualities.


Supernova tube

This site is one of the top video sharing networks and provides you with full length high quality English movies online and allows you to watch as well as download these videos freely. This site is one of many video uploading sites and facilitates you to upload full length videos and do not trouble you in sharing videos with your friends and other contacts. The site has a specific segment linked as “Film”, which lands you to the world of movies of the site.


free movies theatre

This website allows you to watch full length online movies for free with no streaming and also enables you to download your favorite movie. This site puts forward a vast collection of online full length films which are accessible to watch, download and to stream them in HD. One of the most amazing facts about this site is that it is receiving a huge number of views per day which is approximately equal to 125,396 pageviews per day. This site is followed by 751 people on various social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, etc. Major bookmarking services, such as Delicious, have bookmarked this particular site more than 50 times. Hence, these facts clarify that this site can be preferred for online movies.



This site is a free movie database that offers information about each movie and enables you to watch full length movies online. You are allowed to rate the videos and this rating is based on various parameters such as accuracy and quality of videos. This site does not host movies on its own but uses crawlers and other automatic search engines that collect movies, videos and trailers from different sites. Users are recommended to download DivX web player as most of the movies are based on DivX. Here, the movies are not arranged according to their names, genre, popularity, year, language, etc. A detailed movie summary is displayed with each movie’s year and duration.



This is a 100% legal site that enables you to watch movies online freely and legally along with a super fast video streaming and playing experience using the iMT high quality player. It avails a vast selection of movies, public province movies and independent movies which are specifically licensed to stream on iMovieTUBE. These online movies are listed in 18 diverse genres and the most amazing fact about this site is that it allows you to browse through movies and watch them immediately without buffering them. Hence, I would like to suggest iMovieTube as one of the best preferences to watch movies online legally.



This particular website is a video-sharing website that allows you to upload, view and share videos. This website was found in February 2005 by Chad Hurley, Steve Chen, and Jawed Karim, the three former PayPal employees. This website is one of the popular and widely used websites for watching and sharing videos. In this site, all you need to do is type the name of the Movie you want to watch; a list of related videos appear and then you need to select the one you exactly want to watch.



Crackle is a digital video-entertainment network and studio which features full-length movies and television shows. This site is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment and therefore its content mostly consists of Sony’s library. Especially, it features supported marketable videos which are streamed in Flash Video formats. This website offers its content through a web syndication network which also includes other video sharing sites like Youtube, Hulu, AOL, MySpace, etc.


movies found online

This site finds movies, documentaries and other videos online and allows you to watch streaming movies instantly for free. The videos provided in this site are collected from Google Video, YouTube, etc and no online streaming media is sported on this site. You can watch movies, documentaries, cartoons and TV-shows which also include free public domain movies too. You can instantly stream and view videos without downloading.



This particular site is a link-sharing-website that provides links to TV shows, movies, music videos, sports, animations and cartoons. This site does not host any kind of videos by itself but provide links to some streaming video sharing sites.


movies planet

This particular site is basically a social network and also a movie database which is designed for people who like to watch, download and share videos. This site allows you to follow a specific segment of lists which features latest, new, and hit movies. This site also facilitates you to keep an account of what’s new and see more movie lists and suggestions as well as read celebrity biographies.

The above discussed Free Websites for watching free full length movies are the ten best websites which enhance your entertainment. These top ten websites listed are based on some parameters like quality of video available, HD videos or not and full length video availability. Some of these sites are popular and well known to people around the world where as some are rarely known to most people. Hence, you need to go through these discussions to grab a detailed information and better preference of the free websites to watch full length movies. Well, hope you would like this piece of article and do convey your feedback.



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