GameStop Picked Android Tablet for Own Gaming Certification

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Android is going get certified with GameStop in all tablets soon. interviewed Tony Bartel, President of GameStop and he reveled that GameStop selected Android for its new venture of selling its own Game and other pre-installed games in Android mobile phones. It is not the fully thread yet the information about the gaming device has to come out in few days.

game stop android imageHe said it is just the testing phase and the full agenda will be declared soon. We are very excited that our very own Android is going to certified with leading Gaming store. But we don’t know who’s going to be flagged to manufacture such tablets. This is pretty much suspense.

“We definitely have selected one…We’re in test phase right now. But we’re excited at the prospect of coming out with this tablet. I would call it a ‘GameStop certified gaming platform.’ We looked at all the tablets and these are the ones that really worked for gaming and we’re going to give you a few benefits that you’re not going to get elsewhere.”

Bartel said that once the tablet launches, it will come with a “modest” collection of games pre-installed. Most of the games designed by GameStop will appear on the tab. If it’s not sufficient, GameStop has idea of OnLive version i.e. like playing games on laptop and feel like playing on a Xbox 360 or a PS3, no need to buy gaming console. GameStop determined to put extreme graphic games to their tablet and this will be possible by utilizing Spawn Lab’s technology. Tony also said, GameStop will put the entire controller on that table to play easily.

game stop android

“There’s not a lot of tablet/android based games for the consumer that are designed to use an external controller. There are a few games out there and more that are coming, but our thought is that the tablet is a great immersive gaming device so it’s hard for us to envision how that tablet will really function as such without some sort of controller… So we’ve created a controller…”

Bartel also said, “You can even play Modern Warfare 3 with your figure”. If you want you hand-on these certified Android Tab then you have wait for 2 weeks to get test results. Sources say it will get release before April 2012. I’ll surly inform you as soon as I get further information.


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