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Have you noticed that My Computer, Network, My Documents are missing from the Windows 8 start screen? As most of you by now already know that Windows 8 has a different UI than the earlier versions of Windows OS. The traditional Start menu is replaced with the new Metro UI environment. The interface in Windows 8 is re-designed and put forward as a metro start screen with live tiles. Many users are unable to find My computer, Network, etc or say looking for those menus are little troublesome as they are a bit harder to access because of the Metro UI. Here is the tutorial how you can add My Computer to your Windows 8 Metro Start Menu.Add Computer to Windows 8 Metro UI

If you are Windows user then you can surely make out the difference between the earlier versions of Windows OS and the whole re-designed Windows 8. Many users are often astonished about the absence of Computer icon. Due to the whole new look of Windows 8 UI, many users find difficulty in locating certain features as well. Microsoft has removed many features as well as added many new interesting features to the new OS. If you were a Windows XP, 7 user and have upgraded to Windows 8, then you will certainly miss My Computer menu from your Windows 8 metro start menu or say there is no My Computer option in the start screen. Here is how you can get back My computer.

The metro start screen is customizable, so you can add My Computer option back in the start screen. You might be aware of the Pin to Start Menu option on the right click context menu of Windows 7, similarly Windows 8 allows user to Pin files or programs or shortcuts to Windows 8 Metro Start Menu. Follow the steps below to Add My Computer to your start screen.

Add My Computer to Windows 8 Metro UI

  • On the metro start screen, right click on any empty desktop screen and select Personalize option from the menu


  • Under personalization window, click Change Desktop Icons on the left sidebar

personalization window

  • Now, check the Desktop icons you want to add on your Desktop. You can enable Computer, user files, Network and control panel on the desktop along with recycle bin.

desktop icon settings

  • Save the settings and now you can see Computer icon on your Desktop. If you want to make a quick access to your computer, then simply pin it to Windows 8 Start Menu. To do so, right click on the Computer icon and click Pin to Start.

pin to start computer

Upon successful completion of all the steps described above you can see the Computer entry in the start screen that can be dragged and moved to the location you want.

computer metro start screen

So, if you are new to Windows 8, don’t get amazed on missing Computer icon, follow the tutorial here to and add Computer to your Windows 8 desktop.


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