Get Graphic card Details Installed on Windows 8 PC

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Are you novice to Windows 8 and wondering how to check graphics card? Here is the tutorial how you can check your Graphic card on Your Windows 8 system. You can also find out the type of graphics card is embedded on your system. The Graphics or video card enables you to view output images or videos to display on your PC screen and enjoy better multimedia stuffing.Graphics card Info windows 8

When the system is designed, every system processor includes graphics card to enhance the display. We can also add graphics card on your system to experience more lively multimedia features, provided that your motherboard provides separate slot for installing graphics card or adapter.

Few key terms for better understanding of your graphics card installed in your Windows 8 system are Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) speed, Graphics Memory, Video Memory, Video BIOS, RAMDAC, or Random Access Memory Digital-to-Analog Converter.

How to get Graphic card information or details on Windows 8 system

There are various options to know graphics card details, they are as follows

  • From Display Settings under control panel
  • Device manager
  • Using Command Prompt
  • Using Third party application

From Display Settings under Control Panel

  • Navigate to Windows 8 desktop and right click on it and select Screen resolution

Screen Resolution


  • Open Control panel from the start6 screen tile and go to Display and then Adjust Display Settings.
  • Next, tap on Advanced Settings. You will now see Graphics card information in a Window is brought out.

Graphics card Info

Here you can get the details regarding your Graphics card in Windows 8 like driver version, events, etc. click the Properties button to get additional information about graphics card.

Use Device manager to get Graphic card information

  • Launch Control panel and go to device Manager
  • Next, search for the Display Adapters in the list

Device manager graphics card

  • To the left to the display adapter option, click the tiny arrow to see the Graphics adapter currently installed in your system in the sub menu

Adapter Property

  • Simply right click on it and select Properties to get the graphics card details.

graphics card Property Details

Using Command Prompt

  • Press Windows key +R to open Run dialog box, type in cmd and hit enter to open up a command prompt
  • In command prompt window, type debug and hit enter
  • Under the debug program write d C000:0010 and hit enter and you can get all the details regarding your Graphics card installed on your Windows 8 system.

Using Third party application

You can also use third party tool to check the type of graphics card installed on your system. There are number of freeware available in the internet that not only provide basic information, but also provide more detailed information about your system graphics card like GPU temperature, current clock speed etc. For a beginner, GPU Caps Viewer is a good application to get Graphics adapter information absolutely free.

gpu caps viewer

Upon following the procedures described above you can easily check the Graphics card installed in your Windows 8 system.


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