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Did you know that you can customize Google chrome with several themes and plugins? Yes, Google chrome does not only promise a faster browsing experience, but also customization like any other web browser to look attractive. Although there are not many, you can find a handful of Google Chrome themes to download and install on your computer. Here are some chosen beautiful themes for Google Chrome to install on your computer.

How to Install Google Chrome Themes

  1. Download the theme files and extract them
  2. Copy the default .dll file from the extraction folder
  3. Navigate to C:\Documents and Settings\[user-name]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\Application\[version-number]\Themes\ and paste the .dll file. (I assume that you have installed Chrome in your C:\ drive)
  4. Restart Google Chrome for the new theme to take effect
  5. You are done.

The only limitation in using themes on Google Chrome is that you won’t be able to install all themes at a time since it does not come with a theme choosing option. You have to manually replace themes one by one in “Themes” folder to get them activated at a time.

Download Google Chrome Themes

1. Royale Vista Blue Theme

Royale Vista Theme

2. Lipse Theme [Download link Not Working Anymore]

Lipse Theme

3. Graphite Theme

LI Graphite Theme

4. Sonetto Theme

Sonetto Theme

5. Chrome Safarish Theme

Chrome Safari

6. Zombare Dark Theme

Zombre Theme

These themes will make your Google Chrome browser look cool. Beautiful themes always makes the browsing experience better and lovely. If you love some other themes for Google Chrome, post in the below comments section.

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