Google+ for iPhone Updated with Google Apps Domain Support

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If you like to use Google+ service on your iOS smartphone, then you must have installed Google+ app on your device. It is very popular among iOS smartphone users. Google has released this app for iOS device users. It lets users access Google+ on their iOS smartphone. Now the good news is that you can enjoy several new features using this app. Google+ app has been updated to a new version. This updated version of app comes with new features.

Google plus for iPhone

Previously, it was not possible to see the pictures stored in Google Drive using this app. Now you can do it easily using the new version. You can also edit these pictures using this app. After editing these pictures, you can share them with your friends using the new version of Google+ app. You can easily search related contents with the help of hashtags using this app. Now you can make video call using Hangouts app. You can also use it to send messages. You don’t need to use Messenger for sending messages. You can easily edit comment using this app. You can also see strikethrough text on your device using this app. The new version of Google+ app comes with support for Google Apps domain.

You will need to have an active internet connection to use this app. You can use it from anywhere. You can use it on your current iOS smartphone. You can also use it on your iOS tablet. This app is available for free of cost. It allows users to share pictures with their friends. It also displays the pictures shared by others. This app provides an option using which you can store your pictures secretly. You have to upgrade your iOS smartphone to iOS 6 or higher to use this app. You can download it from App Store.


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