Google Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta – Download Mozilla Firefox Now!!

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The Google company has released a new version of Mozilla Firefox i.e ‘Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta’. The Mozilla is the best secure and easy-to-use browser we have. Now Mozilla Firefox has come with some additional features and more easy process as Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta. Now Mozilla Firefox 4 is available for free download on Mozilla browser. You can give feedback to Firefox through “Add-Ons Manager” on the upper right corner of Firefox. You can also get more information about how to use Mozilla Firefox by user studies. Unwanted data will not sent to Mozilla. If any data requires to be sent to Mozilla, then your permission will mandatory.

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Mozilla Firefox 4 Beta Features

  • New Add-Ons Manager for feedback
  • HD quality video with WebM support
  • Looks at your privacy first
  • WebSockets: online gaming and chatting
  • HTML5 Support for web video, audio, drag etc.
  • New JetPack SDK and js-ctypes
  • Uninterrupted browsing for Windows, Linux, and Mac
  • New CSS3 support for prettier look and faster display
  • Indexed DB for quick and reliable Gmail or GDocs work
  • With synchronize system
  • Faster browsing capacity

Download free Mozilla Firefox 4 from Mozilla browser now, get your browser as more faster and easier than previous. (via)

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