Google’s Nexus 10 Could Dominate the Full-Sized Tablet Market

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For years tablets running on Google’s Android OS have been trying to break the stranglehold that Apple has had on the full-sized tablet market that is practically created when it launched the iPad.

During that time the only gadget to ever come close was the Samsung Galaxy, but after being bogged down with lawsuits it didn’t quite live up to its potential.

So now Google have decided to enter the fray themselves with the Nexus 10. The hardware is by Samsung, but since it will be carrying the Nexus banner it signifies that Google is willing to put its name on the line for this tablet.


Nexus 10 vs. iPad 4 vs. Surface

The battle for the full-sized tablet market is really a contest between these 3 amazing devices. In terms of sheer specifications, the Nexus 10 has its rivals beat and features a better screen resolution, faster processor and more RAM while still somehow managing to be slimmer and lighter than the others too.

On top of that, and just to rub it in, the Nexus 10 is going to be the cheapest of the lot, with a 16 GB version going for $399.

Of course despite these compelling advantages, as past experience has pointed out – it isn’t just about the specs or the price, especially not in the tablet market. In many ways, the real battle is going to be on the OS front where Android will square off against a dominant iOS and new wildcard Windows 8.

Android Coming into its Own


The clearest sign that the Nexus 10 might actually prevail is the fact that Android finally seems to have really grown into itself as a mobile OS. With the latest version of Jellybean offering unprecedentedly smooth performance – it honestly is a pleasure to use.

While iOS may still be setting the standards, Google can take heart in the fact that the Windows 8 featured on the Surface has drawn strongly mixed reactions.

To further its advantage, the Nexus 10 also has the strength of the huge collection of apps, books and music on Google Play. It may still be lagging a little bit behind Apple’s App Store and iTunes – but the margin is not nearly as great as it once used to be.

Will it or Won’t it?


Whether or not the Nexus 10 lives up to these expectations is something that only time will tell. But it should be obvious that for the first time ever there is an Android tablet that is in a position to not just compete with the current generation of iPad – but actually take it to the cleaners.

Assuming everything goes off without a hitch, the Google Nexus 10 will be the slimmest, lightest, fastest and cheapest tablet in its bracket – and unlike past efforts it isn’t going to be ‘dragged down’ by a slightly subpar OS. Instead, this tablet will actually be buoyed by the positive attention Android has been enjoying over the last half year or so.

In short – it could go the distance.

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1 Comment to Google’s Nexus 10 Could Dominate the Full-Sized Tablet Market

  1. iPad with excellent collection of apps makes me to not look for an alternative. I never used an android tablet so far, but if i want to get one, then it must be mainly for using google services, where chromebook also comes to my mind.

    for me, android tablet cannot be a perfect alternative for an iPad. both are different in many ways and its all about our requirement.


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