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Web hosting is the backbone of any website and there is no second opinion about it. Can you even imagine developing a large website without having a great website hosting service? The obvious answer is NO. But on the other hand, if you try Google with some keywords like “best webhosting” or “top web hosts”, you will end up getting thousands of results and all of them claim to be the best one. It’s more like a teacher asking about the best student in a class and all the students raise their hands!

You really need to be very particular about your host. You must get unlimited space, transfer, domains, databases, FTP accounts, etc, but wait, all web hosts do claim this. Lolz, I am not trying to confuse you but just letting you know the reality. If you want a dependable web service, you MUST go through well-researched web hosting reviews.

web hosting geeks

WebHostingGeeks is one of the oldest, dependable and trustworthy web hosting review sites that ranks top web hosts by taking a number of points into calculation. They are old in this business and hence you can expect genuine reviews from them, may it be shared hosting, VPS, managed hosting or dedicated hosting.

The best part of this website is that they go in details, from the normal web hosting features to support, from additional packages such as advertising coupons to one-click installation option, and more. You can simply visit their web host review pages and read reviews from real customers as well. Everything comes transparent.

Great Web Hosting Review

Just have a look on the above image, those are their categories on their page. Now you may understand that they go in details to provide the details to let their readers know in details 😉 I would recommend everyone to go through their reviews before signing up with any host.

Why they are the best?

  • In detail and genuine reviews
  • Clean and decent presentation
  • Useful navigation links
  • Allows users to leave un-biased ratings and reviews
  • Covers almost all hosting platforms – domain, shared, VPS, dedicate, green, etc

And yes, did I tell you that apart from common web hosting reviews, they cover cPanel hosting and reseller hosting reviews as well. Great for people who want to get the best out of their web hosts.

Find Best Web Hosting Deals

web hosting ratings

Geeks at WebhostingGeek has categorized their rating system so that you can easily find out top web hosts in various categories.

1. TOP 10 Web Hosting: This is for those who want to find out the top 1o in web hosting business. All features, bonus features, price and user reviews are taken into count in this category.

2. Multiple Domain Hosting: Not all web hosts allow to use more than one domains. So, you better check out this section to find great hosting service providers where you can host multiple domains.

3. Reseller Web Hosting: This section is for commercial minded people who want to brand their own identity as a web host by subscribing to a reseller account. Find out the affordable reseller web hosting providers where you can get value for your money.

4. VPS Web Hosting: If you have got a large website that a shared hosting service can’t handle, you need to go for a VPS hosting. But what are the best VPS hosting? Read the ratings, reviews, price & features and you will come to know.

5. Dedicated Server Hosting: You pay higher rates for dedicated service and you should get all resources worth your investment. Check out this section to find out the best dedicated server hosting deals.

6. cPanel Web Hosting: Having a cPanel to control your hosting makes the job much more easier. A number of companies offer cPanel hosting, but find the top ones in this page.

7. Green Web Hosting: Would you like to spoil the nature to generate power and run your website? If not, find out the top green web hosting companies that uses alternative power generation methods to run their data centers.

8. Free Marketing Credits: If web hosts are providing free marketing vouchers such as Adwords coupons, Facebook coupons, Yahoo coupons, etc, you should get them and know the web hosting providers where you can avail this.

Also, their “Best Web Hosting Awards” category rewards best service providers in many categories, such as:
web hosting awards

  • Best Budget Web Hosting
  • Best Blog Web Hosting
  • Best Forum Web Hosting
  • Best Email Web Hosting
  • Best Multiple Domain Web Hosting
  • Best Ecommerce Web Hosting
  • Best Unix Web Hosting
  • Best Windows Web Hosting
  • Best PHP Web Hosting
  • Best Reseller Web Hosting
  • Best VPS Web Hosting
  • Best Dedicated Web Hosting

Last but not the least their web hosting blog is worth enough to follow. They update is regularly with very informative and valuable articles related to web hosting. You will be able to gather knowledge on web hosting basic, pros & cons of web hosting, and how to get going with your web host without much hassles.

They are doing great in guiding the people to find great web hosting services and hope they will keep up their good work like this.

Note: This is a sponsored post.

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