Hacking Yahoo Messenger To Find IP Addresses!

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yahoo messenger hackingHacking Yahoo Messenger is all about using some tricks to track and find out anyone’s IP address. We all chat with our friends or relatives using Yahoo messenger. This is very familiar with us. To respect everyone’s privacy, Yahoo messenger does not show us the IP address of those people we are talking with. But this is possible to apply some simple tricks to bypass yahoo’s security settings and hack anyone’s IP addresses. Lets discuss how.

Whenever we chat with someone, the whole process is controlled by Yahoo server. There is no way to hack Yahoo server, this is almost impossible. As we don’t communicate with the person directly using our own system or network, this is impossible to hack this encrypted IP source. So, we have to set up a direct connection with the person in order to track his IP address using Yahoo messenger. Simply send the person a big file (Not less than 3 MB) via Yahoo Messenger File Transfer. Once he accepts the file, his computer makes a direct connection with your computer for the file sharing process. And here we go.

Once both the IPs (Your’s & the Victim’s) get engaged in the file sharing process, it will take you a maximum of 2 minutes to track his IP address. Now it’s time to hack his IP address by following below steps. Remember, do not start file sharing from the beginning. Read the instructions carefully.

  1. Go to Start –> Run (This will open your windows command prompt)
  2. Type CMD and hit Enter
  3. You will get a list of IP addresses like the below screen shot.
  4. hack yahoo messenger

  5. You can notice two columns as Local Address and  Foreign Address there. Local address is your address while foreign address is the IP of the recipient with whom you are sharing the file.
  6. Send him the 3 MB file (You can send him a small clip, zipped images etc)
  7. Now type netstat -n in the command prompt
  8. You will get a output. Suppose the following is the output.

  10. In the above one is the IP address of that person and 1646 is the port no where the file transfer is taking place. You are done here.

Once you get a person’s IP address and port no, you can use any remote hacking tool to do anything. Also remember that, few times Yahoo transfers the file using it’s own server. In that case this trick won’t show effects. But hacking is illegal and I strongly encourage all my readers NOT to do this. Treat this post for educational purposes only.

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Soumya is the admin of Techcular. He loves to learn new things on Internet. You can find him writing on his personal blog a few times.

28 Comments to Hacking Yahoo Messenger To Find IP Addresses!

  1. Nope, they don't. If you are asking me the same thing indirectly, lol, then let me tell you that this is not a hacking site. This is a information site and I also requested you guys to treat this post for information purposes only. And also, there is no hacking tool involved in this trick. It's just we use our own mind and PC to get certain things.

  2. Hi nice to see this technique but i am using windows vista home so kindly help me how can i use this on my pc as i couldnt find run but when i run it through taskmanager i cant find any ip adresses.

    • Kunal Khurana

      Hello Dear Friend… if u r using Windows Vista… then u should press Windows+r

      to open the run………. ok g…. c u take care

  3. i thats right, but i have read somewhere that by typing netstat -an , whatever foreign address u got, ending with 5050 is ur victim's ip address , is it true, plz suggest.

    • Kunal Khurana

      Hello Sir,

      Someone is add in my yahoo massenger's friend list…. he is blackmailing me for somethin i just need to know that from where the person using the internet…. he just sent me msgs on yahoo massenger… if he will sent me mail then i can find him from header & footer… but how can i do this from yahoo massenger… plz help me sir… i just want to save myself….

  4. Hello

    Friend can someone tell me how i can know directly from messenger that someone is online but appearing offline ?? please help i m really in trouble with that !!

    is there any other messenger for yahoo which can do it !! ??

  5. Hi, if someone deleted me on their yahoo messenger, how can I know that he deleted me? is there any way

  6. frnd if some1 iz offline n if yu want to knw whether hez online or nt then double click on his name az in yur massenger then click on imvironment => see all imvironment => yahoo tool=> doodle

    after doing thiz wait for a wile (dependz upon yur internet speed) if the screen comes to while then he will b online and if there iz no change in da screen then he will b ofline………..

  7. brothers m just here to knw hw can i hack yahoo id???caz da all da previous mehtodz and wayz are nt working nw a dayz….can any1 help me??waiting for some1z help

  8. mynameisasecret

    if your having any trouble finding said ip address remember this command used in the command prompt netstat -n is a way to see all open connections with with computer which in-advertantly gets u the address of your victim, but most of you dont know what to do with said information. what im about to tell u is for imformation purposes only this is what u do after u get the ip address say u found a ip address that u got for a messenger for example this is a real ip address of probords,com ok heres what u do trace said ip address to see if there is any firewal between the too u can do this by typing in tracert it will take a maximum of 30 hops ( hops are the amount of jumps ur internet takes through different severs to reach the location ) if it doesnt keep timing out and it says trace complete then ur pretty much golden ok now for a telenet command which is taking contole of the computer over the interent in the command prompt type the word telnet then it will take u to a screen similar to command prompt but dont be fooled its only a similar interface type 0 hit enter and then type in the ip address u want to controle like this 25 the extra 25 at the end is spaced and it is the port u are opening to gain controle note if u do not type 25 in it will use the defualt 23 port for internet connection your on ur own from here. remember information only

  9. joeseph spilatro

    I am trying to find out if and in fact my wife is working for an adult website, I would like to be able to gain access to her cpu but have no idea how

  10. Greatbigsmile

    Bapun or anyone:

    I’m not a techie so I hope you can walk me through this. How do we open our command port so we can enter our commands?


  11. Hello, can you tell me how can I find the IP from someone from my list, a person which I speoke but who are stressing me, harrasses me also on the phone with hidden number. I do not know when he is connected, he doesn.t answer me on mess now. My only hope is to find his ip, then his location, in order to complain. Thank you

  12. what if i use digsby client for chatting to ppl on my msn,google,yahoo and etc. in one client(digsby), can they hack me? and what about spy pm(private message), is it really work on yahoo/msn/any messenger? and if i got those hacking stuff on my pc, what should i do to get rid from this and really sure that all those hacking stuff are gone from my pc? thank you so much

  13. Hi Bapun,
    Can u plz clear one doubt of mine. If I only share pics with someone in yahoo messenger & not send any file, can that person track my IP address? And if he also tracks my IP, can he make out my ISP & exact details? Plz reply. It wud be a great favor mate.

  14. Bluemoon

    Once i type netstat -n, a long list opens up. How can i know which is the ip of contact i am sending fie to?? Can any one help Please

  15. Hello Bapun,

    It sounds like you really know what you are talking about (having read your answers to posts oine).

    I have a serious issue that I wondered if you might be able to assist with..

    Just a few days ago my Facebook account was bring hacked, several attempts made from 2 different computers (from a state I used to live in and my future ex had friends). FB provided me with the IP addresses of the computers and the locations (just county). I strongly suspect someone (a Mac user) which was mentioned in FB’s notification.

    FB locked my account because of multiple attempts from a non known computer or device. Thank goodness they do this!

    I’m freaking the heck out!!! I need to find out who is would want to drive my FB account. Or hack it. Husband doesn’t have the knowledge to do this, but his friends probably do.

    If you can give me any advice, at all, I would appreciate it.

    My email is: redgreen13 at yahoo.com

    Thank you!!!

  16. I installed yahoo multi messenger. I signed in with 2 different messengers and started file tranfering. after that I executed the command netstat -n in cmd. it was very confusing. local address was giving and my local(lan) ip address of system whereas foriegn addresses was giving alot of different ip addresses with port numbers 5050, 80, 8080. I checked my ip from whatismyip.com. My ip was not in the list of different ip foriegn addresses. Isn’t it that my external ip (wan ip) should have been in the list of foriegn addresses because I was using yahoo multi messenger and was transfering the file to another email address of mine which was also signed in. now if I transfers a file to any other person, will I face the same situation? What wxactly is someone’s ip address with whom we are communicating in a long list of foriegn addresses?

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