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blogspot blogger header title descriptionIf you are on blogger platform and using any blogspot default template, you can notice your blog title and description appearing on the header area. If you are using a long blog title and a little more long blog description, then it will look odd. So, you need to remove those blog name and description info from the header area to make it look attractive. You may also like to exclude title & description and create a custom header for your blogger blogs. But remember that having title and description may boost your blog SEO values.

Remove Title & Description From Blogger Header

  1. Log into your blogger profile and go to Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Layout >> Edit HTML.
  3. Search for #Header h1 in your HTML code. If you don’t find this code, you may search for another piece of code #Header .description.
  4. Now insert display:none; at the end of the above code.
  5. Look at the below code to get the idea.
  6. #header .description { /*<-- this is header description css*/
    margin:5px 5px 0;
    padding:15px 20px .25em;
    display:none; /*<--Insert this line*/ }
  7. Save the template and you are done.

Now your blog title and description will not show up in your blog’s header area. You may use any attractive image in your header and there will be no text to ruin the beauty of your blogger or blogspot blog header.

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5 Comments to Hide Blog Title & Description From Header On Blogger/Blogspot

  1. @ Kim : well, if you can't find such codes in your template, you can go tour your blogger settings page and remove the blog description. They will also get hidden in that way 😉

  2. Thanks for your reply, Bapun. However, I'm really trying to UNhide the Blog Description — not hide it! Any thoughts?

  3. @ Kim : It's always best to show your blog title and it's description. Do you know that blog title and it's description appears with H1 and H2 tag respectively, making strong SEO impacts on search engines.

    However people love to hide them in order to keep the header clean and look stylish. But if you want to give emphasis on SEO (performance) rather than style, keeping them is highly recommended.

  4. Bapun, thanks again for your input. But again, I totally agree with you! I want to UNHIDE my Blog Description — not hide it. But, no matter what I try, the text is hidden. If you know how to get it to be displayed (not hidden), please reply. I am using the Aspire template for Blogspot, but I'm not a programmer and can't figure out how to show the hidden text.

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