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hide file or folders securelyProtecting personal files on a computer is not a big deal anymore. If you are a windows user, you have some default settings on your system to hide your files or folders. But they are not secure at all. Anyone can open those hidden files and can access your private data. So, we have to find out any secure way to hide our personal images or videos from others.

As I said earlier, you can hide your files in your computer by visiting Tools >> Folder Options >> View >> Hidden Files and Folders >> Do not show hidden files and folders. But anyone can bypass your settings by disabling this feature and can access your private photos and videos. They are not secure anymore.

To hide your videos and pics securely, you need to use third party tools. These tools will keep your files password protected and without entering the password no one can access your hidden files. No one can even edit, delete, move, copy, cut, read, write your documents. Below I’m mentioning few tools to hide your files.


  1. Axcrypt will encrypt your documents in a secure manner.
  2. It will automatically encrypt your documents even after the owner’s access.
  3. You don’t have to configure it. Simply install and use.
  4. It’s free. No need to spend a single penny.
  5. Available in 7 languages.

Cryptainer PE Encryption

  1. It uses 448bit strong Blowfish encryption to secure and protect your files.
  2. It;s having a powerful and customizable file shredder.
  3. You can also use it to send encrypted emails from your system.
  4. Very powerful tool to hide your images and videos securely.

Program Lock

  1. You can not lock your files or folders only but also MSN messenger, Chat services, email clients with this shareware.
  2. You can lock a selected list of files or entire files and applications at a time.
  3. No one can use your PC when you are away.
  4. Free to try and then buy if you like.

Now try these tools to hide your personal photos and videos securely in your system. No one will be able to access your data without your permission. Download AxCrypt , Cryptainer PE Encryption or Program Lock to hide your personal data on your system.

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