How to Add music, Play Music, Create Playlist and Customize Music Player in Samsung Galaxy Tab 750

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Listening to music is everyone’s favorite activity and if you owe a Galaxy Tab 750 then you can listen to your favorite music while on the go with the music player. MP4, m4a, 3gp, wma, flac, mp3, aac, ogg, MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC+, FLAC, WMA, Vorbis are such kind of file that can be played in the tab. Note that if your music file exceeds the memory availability then a error flashes on the screen to warn you to open less sized file. Below you may go through the steps to perform the settings of your music player in Galaxy tab 750.

Add music files to your Tab 750:

You can transfer your music files in three different ways and they are:

  1. Just download the songs from wireless web which is the simplest way. In this process an album image of your particular song gets set automatically.
  2. Sync with your PC with Samsung Kies to download the files by USB cable.
  3. Receive music files via Bluetooth.

How to play music in Galaxy Tab 750:

After you transfer all your music files by web, PC or via Bluetooth then to play music follow the following steps:

Step 1: Open the Apps from the home screen and then select Music Player.

tap app 750tap music player galaxy 750Step 2: Now you get music categories on left side of the tab such as songs, playlist, albums, artists, genres, folders, composers and years. Select any one to start play.

tap music list galaxy 750Step 3: As soon as to tap on any one category a panel appears on the right playing the selected song. Selecting on the album image it pops into full screen image and tapping on the back arrow to go back into previous menu.

tap fullscreen galaxy 750

How to create a playlist in Galaxy tab 750:

Step 1: From the Home screen, tap on the app list and then select Music player then Playlists.

Step 2: Select ‘+’ to create a new playlist.

tap pluse galaxy 750Step 3: Enter the title of the playlist and then select ‘Done’.

tap done galaxy 750Step 4: To add songs to the playlist, select ‘+’ next to the music files and then select on ‘Done’.

tap select songs galaxy 750

How to customize music player settings:

Step 1: From the Home Screen tap on the app and then select Music Player.

Step 2: Select on the extreme right corner and tap on settings.

settings galaxy 750Step 3: Adjust the following settings such as sound settings there comes an Equalizer and then set accordingly or cancel if you don’t want. Then comes the Sound effects, select and cancel if you don’t want.

tap settings galaxy 750eq galaxy 750sound effects galaxy 750Step 4: Then the Music menus to select the music categories to display on the music library screen.

music menu galaxy 750

NOTE: If you are interested to share music files with others then select top right corner to ‘share via’ or you can ‘set as alarm tone’. With galaxy tab 750 experiences the virtual 5.1 surround sound when listening to multichannel contents like DVD movies etc or get the full dynamic 3D entertainment experience with rich bass and high frequency clarity for crisp details.


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