How to Enable or Disable Disk Write Cache in Windows 8?

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Disk write caching improves the system performance by permitting to write caching on a device. When you save a file or folder in system hard drive, Windows operating system allows you to do so by keeping a note about the action you want to perform somewhere in computer memory, and write this file to hard drive later. After a file has been written, cache sends an acknowledgment to the OS informing about data been written to the hard drive and can be removed from cache.

But, sometimes it has been seen that disk write caching interfere with other windows application giving rise to serious problems in the system. In this case, you need to disable the Disk Write Caching. Here is the tutorial how you can enable or disable Disk Write Cache in Windows 8.

enable disable disk write cache

Disk write caching plays an important role in improving system performance along with facilitating the applications to work faster and access task continuously without hindering the process of burning data disk. Although it’s important but it often causes problems like system crash or power failure and you may lose all your hard drive partitions and valuable data look around for some Partition Recovery Software to work fix the issue, if there is no backup set previously. At this point you need to disable it.

However, Disk Write Caching does not really write data to the hard drive automatically. So there is a chance that the data might get corrupted or disappear due to power outage or system failure at any moment. For this reason disk write caching is helpful in improving speed and performance of Windows 8 along with securing data due to power failure or system breakdowns.

Enable/ Disable Disk Write Cache

Follow the steps given below to enable or disable disk write caching on a windows 8 system.

  • At first, bring up the system properties window by pressing Windows key + Pause Break
  • Next, select Device Manager option from the left pane

windows 8 device manager option system properties

  • In Device Manager Window, click on Disk drives option and then select properties of installed hard disk drive

drive properties in device manager

  • You will get a properties dialog box of selected hard drive, there click on Policies tab
  • To enable disk write caching, check the option Enable write caching on the device
  • To disable disk write caching feature, uncheck the option which was checked before

enable disk writing cache on windows 8 device properties

  • Finally, click on OK button to save settings and close the window.

Before moving to the disabling process, take note of a thing that once you disable Disk Write Caching on windows computer, your hard disk may behave sluggish or influence the whole system performance and may prompt error messages like Windows Write Delay Failed or Delayed Write Failed.

Enable disk writing Cache to have a better experience and smooth performance of Windows 8 by following the tutorial here.


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