How to Enable/Disable Network Sharing feature in Windows 8?

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With the various changes made in the Windows 8 OS you must be wondering whether the settings for the network sharing has been changed or is still the same, then I would say that the network sharing with Windows 8 have become a lot easier than the earlier versions of Windows OS. When you try to connect to a network, OS asks you whether you want to turn sharing on between PCs and connect to network devices or not. The system sets according to your decision. If you are the wishing to change any settings in the network sharing in Windows 8, follow the tutorial here.

Enable Disable Network Sharing Windows 8

On connecting to a network for the first time, Windows 8 enquires whether you want to turn sharing on between PCs and connect to network devices. You can approve or deny it, basing on which Windows 8 will set the settings or rules for your system firewall. If you didn’t turn on the network sharing then you can always do so when you wish.
To turn sharing on or off on your network in Windows 7, you have to go to the Network and Sharing Center and select home group and sharing options. But, in Windows 8 the process has become a lot easier.

Turn Network Sharing on or off in Windows 8

In order to make any changes in network sharing, firstly, switch to the desktop mode and from there click the Network icon in the notification area. Upon clicking it you will now have an interface on the right side of the screen showing all the available Networks on your system. Now, right-click on the Network you are currently connected with.

network sharing icon windows8

You will get an option to Turn sharing on or off. Click on it

turn on network sharing windows 8

Next, you will be prompted by a message saying “Do you want to turn on sharing between PCs and connect to devices on this network”.

Click on Yes turn on sharing and connect to devices. This network sharing setting is only applicable for WiFi, Ethernet, VPN, and dial-up connections, and not for domain networks.

Follow the same steps when you want to disable or turn off the network sharing feature, but select the option “No. don’t turn on the network or connect to devices”. Upon following the instructions above you can enable or disable Network Sharing in Windows 8.

When you turn on network sharing, the OS starts preparing the files and folders for sharing on the network.
So, if you have forgotten to enable the network sharing, no worries as the settings can be changed whenever you want to. Simply follow the tutorial above.


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