How to Fix Long Startup Problem of Mozilla Firefox

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Are you a frequent user of Mozilla Firefox browser and facing very long startup times? Some users reported over 3 minutes of startup times and this issue is faced mostly by Firefox 3 users. In this article I have mentioned some tricks that you can apply to solve the problem.

Follow the steps to fix the issue:

Note: First you need to create a new user profile.

1. First thing you need to make sure that, you are using the latest version of Mozilla Firefox. If not, then upgrade to it.

2. Close the browser by selecting File –> Exit from the menu bar.

3. If you are a Windows 7 or Windows Vista user then type the following command in the search bar of your start menu: firefox.exe –ProfileManager then hit Enter.

4. Windows 2000 and XP users should type the same command in the Run dialog and click OK.

5. If the profile manager is unable to open specify the full installation path for Firefox, enclosed in quotes: “C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe” –ProfileManager

6. Now the Profile Manager window will appear. If still not, close the Firefox process or restart your computer.

Firefox profile

7. Create a new profile, click next and enter your profile name.


8. You can choose the storage path for this profile by clicking Choose Folder, and there you can store the profile in a location.

9. Now hit Finish to complete the profile creation process.

10. That’s it now you’re done.

If you have multiple profiles by default, Firefox will ask you which profile to use at startup. Test the new profile and if the issue is solved you can save the new profile as default and delete the old one. If you do so, you need need to reinstall all extensions/addons and all your personal settings.

So these are the steps to solve the problem. Try this on your computer and let us know if this solved the problem for you. Till then be in touch with us and keep buzzing your comments.


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