How to get Rid of Pagefile.sys in windows 8?

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You must be well aware of the virtual memory on your Windows XP, 7, 8 computers. Pagefile.sys is a system file which is created and used as virtual memory. This file is saved on your hard disk that eats up lot of space. The space consumed by the file on the disk can be required, to reuse the space you need to delete the pagesysfile.sys. Here is the tutorial guiding you how to get rid off the pagefile.sys.

remove pagefile
Pagefile.sys is located in the C drive and is generally hidden. To free up some space on your hard disk delete or disable pagefile.sys. Follow the steps below to delete the file.

How to Get Rid Off Pagefile.sys in Windows 8

  • Firstly, open the Computer by clicking on Desktop tile on the Metro Start Screen
  • Next, Right click on your Computer icon and select Properties or go to Windows Explorer and click on System properties at the top of the window, this will open the system control panel
  • Next, click on the Advanced system settings from the left pane of the window

advanced system settings pagefile

  • System properties window pop ups, click on the Settings on the Performance section

system properties pagefile

  • In the Performance Options Window, select the Advanced tab. In the bottom of the window you can see the Change button under Virtual memory section

advanced performance Options pagefile

  • In the virtual memory window uncheck or/ untick Automatically manage paging file size for all drives option
  • Select or tick the No paging file option and click on the OK button

no pagingfile

  • You will be prompted to restart your computer to effect the changes on hitting the OK button.

restart pagefile

Once your system is restarted, the pagefile.sys that is located in C drive will be deleted. If you still see the pagefile.sys, then it should be removed manually from the C drive or leave it as it is because it’s size won’t increase any longer as the paging option is already disabled.

Since virtual memory is essential and bit responsible for a fast performance of your system. This can boost up your system quite a bit. Therefore, it is not recommended to delete or disable the pagefile.sys as they are the virtual memory file.


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