How to get Rid of Toast Notifications in Windows 8?

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If you are a window 8 users then you might have come across Toast Notifications that appears in the upper rightmost corner of the desktop. It is a useful app in Windows 8 that helps you to communicate between the users and the OS. It is quite similar to that of balloon notifications in the system taskbar nearer to notification area or system tray and was introduced first in Windows 7 OS. These notifications are found to be useful as they notify you regarding issues that are important, but there are users who might not prefer this feature and disable it. Similarly, Toast Notifications in Windows 8 can also be disabled completely. Here is the tutorial how you can disable Toast Notifications in Windows 8 desktop.


Procedures to Turn On or Off Windows 8 Apps Toast Notifications

There are various ways to turn off /on Windows toast notifications. First is from the PC settings. To do so, Open charms bar by holding down Windows key + C or by moving your mouse cursor to the right bottom corner.

In charms bar, click on Settings > Change PC Settings. Next, select Notifications from the left pane. Under PC settings you can change the following settings.

notification enabled

Metro App Toast Notifications on the desktop- It is one such key that acts like a global switch as by turning this off or on, all the other types of notifications are turned off.
App Toast Notifications on Lock Screen- Upon turning this App off, you will no longer see any kind notifications on your lock screen on start up of your Windows 8.
Play notification sounds- By turning this off, you will receive notifications, but hear no sound upon the appearance of notification i.e. the sounds are turned off here.
Notifications from individual apps- Here you can turn on or off notifications for any individual apps.
You can also disable Windows 8 Toast Notifications using Group Policy. To do so, follow the steps below.

Steps to Disable Windows 8 Toast Notifications using Group Policy

  • Press Windows + R to open Run Dialog box and type in gpedit.msc and hit enter. It will open Windows local Group policy editor
  • Here navigate to User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar > Notifications

gpedit notifications

  • In the right side pane, you can find options as given below:
    Turn off notifications of network usage
    Turn off Toast notifications on the lock screen
    Turn off Tile notifications
    Turn off Toast notifications
  • To disable any of the notification of your wish, double click on it and check Enabled radio button in the windows that appears

enabled turn off notification

  • Lastly, click Apply/OK.

Upon completing all the steps, you will no longer be able see the option offered in the PC Settings.

notification disabled

You can also hide Toast notifications in temporary basis. Open the Charms bar and move your mouse pointer to the right bottom corner and click on Settings > Notifications.

hide notifications temporarily

You will be provided with options to hide the notifications for 1, 3 or 8 hours. Select your option according to your wish and the notifications will be disabled for that period of time only and the icon will change to reflect the status.

If you want to disable Notifications in Windows 8, follow the tutorial here.


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