How to get Scan with Windows Defender option in Windows 8 Right click menu?

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Windows 8 comes with inbuilt Windows Defender as there default Anti-virus. Windows Defender security software is absolutely free and includes great features. This security program or antivirus scans your Windows 8 system and protects the system from any malware attack. But, when you install any antivirus on your system by default it shows an option scan with that particular program in the right click context menu. However this option is been missing in the Windows 8 i.e. Windows 8 context menu doesn’t show scan with Windows Defender option although Windows defender is the default Anti-virus. Here is the tutorial how you can add scan with Windows defender option to Windows 8 context menu.

scan windows defender windows 8
Microsoft has brought many changes in the Windows 8 OS and to provide better security it has included Windows Defender as there default Anti-virus. Due to a lot of malware activities trolling around the Internet, Microsoft has taken the step to include the Windows Defender in the new OS.

Since the scan with Windows Defender is missing from Windows 8 right-click context menu new users find difficult in searching for the scan option in the computer. By adding the option to right click context menu it will be easier for the Windows 8 user to scan the system with Windows Defender with a simple right click.

scan with windows defender

You can add Scan with Windows Defender to the context menu by following the steps given below.

The process deals with Windows registry. So, it is quite advisable if you are well acquainted with registry entries then only go for the process or keep a back up before proceeding with process. As Registry is an important entity in the Windows computer. Removal or change in the exiting entry can generate many errors on your computer. Keeping a backup will help you restore back your system to that point where seems to work well.

Adding Scan with Windows Defender in Window 8 Context Menu

You must have administrative privileges before performing any action.

  • Open Windows 8 Run box by pressing Windows key + R and type in Regedit32.exe and hit enter.
  • Under the Windows Registry Editor navigate to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\folder\shell and to the left pane create a new sub key and name it WindowsDefender to create a new folder.
  • The new folder created sub key will be added to theleft pane. Now, create two DWORDS and use following data for them
  • Type in Icon – %ProgramFiles%\\Windows Defender\\EppManifest.dll and name it icon
  • Create another String and to that add the data as MUI – Scan With Windows Defender and name it MUIVerb

win8 add windows defender registry

  • Next, we need to create a command, so create new sub key under Windows Defender and name it Command and modify the data of the default DWORD to C:\Program Files\Windows Defender\MpCmdRun.exe” -scan -scantype 3 -SignatureUpdate -file %1

Upon completion of the above mentioned steps, reboot your system. Now the next time when you boot into the system, right click on any folder and you will see the Windows Defender’s scan option. On clicking on it, it will start scanning your system along with a command prompt window for some seconds. Any infection detected on the system will be reported via this command prompt window. So, from now whenever you want to scan your Windows 8 computer, simply right click and scan.


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