How To Hack Windows XP Administrator Password

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hacking windows xp

hacking windows xp

You can easily bypass default windows account settings and hack any windows account passwords. By following simple tricks you can even access XP administrator’s account and change it’s password. You can also reset your own password by following this trick in case you have forgotten it. But remember to treat this post for informational purposes only. Do not misuse this trick. Accessing other people’s account without their due permission is not legal.

hacking windows xp user passwords

There are several ways to perform this trick. I will discuss them all here in this post. We can use some system tricks or apply some third party applications to hack into XP user accounts. Let’s discuss them one by one.

How to hack anyone’s XP user account password (Method -1) :

  1. Reboot your computer in safe mode. (How to boot your computer in safe mode?)
  2. Log into any user’s account. (It will not ask you for any password)
  3. Go to Start >> Run and type CMD
  4. It will open Command prompt. Type cd C:\windows\system32 in the command prompt and hit Enter (If you have installed XP on a drive other than C drive, then change your drive name accordingly)
  5. hack xp passwords

  6. Take a backup of Logon.scr file by typing Copy Logon.scr Logon.bak on the command prompt
  7. Now type copy CMD.EXE Logon.scr in the command prompt and you are all set to change any user’s password on that computer
  8. If you want to change the administrator account’s password you can type net user administrator YourPassword (Here YourPassword is the new password that you want to set. You can change YourPassword to any password you want)
  9. Likewise if you want to change the password of a windows XP user by the name “Access“, you can type net user access YourPassword to change it’s password.
  10. Restart your PC in normal mode and log in to administrator’s account with your hacked password.
  11. You are done.

How to hack anyone’s XP user account password (Method -2) :

There is an another way to hack into anyone’s XP account without changing any user account’s password. You will get access to the computer and can find any XP user’s password on that system. Even the administrator’s password will be visible to you. This trick is cool as it does not require resetting any user account’s password. This trick works only with those computers having CD or DVD drives. Follow the below mentioned steps.

  1. Download DreamPack here and unzip it.
  2. Locate dpl.ISO file and burn it on a CD. Remember to maintain .iso extension while burning.
  3. Insert the CD into your CD or DVD Rom and restart the PC.
  4. While getting restarted boot from the CD/DVD drive.
  5. You can see Windows 2000 set up on the screen while it loads some file.
  6. Now press R on your keyboard to install DreampackPL.
  7. Press C to install DreamPackPL using the recovery console.
  8. Select your windows operating system from the menu. (Press 1 if the computer is using only one operating system)
  9. Type ren C:\Windows\System32\sfcfiles.dll sfcfiles.lld to backup original sfcfiles.dll file.
  10. Now copy the hacked file from the CD ROM to your systems folder. Type copy E:\i386\pinball.ex_ C:\Windows\System32\sfcfiles.dll. (Assuming your CD drive is E)
  11. Type exit and hit enter. Take out the disk and reboot the system.
  12. Now put the password dreamon in the password field to open DreamPack full menu.
  13. Click on the header area of DreamPack and you will get a pop up with many options like the below screenshot.
  14. dreampack xp hacking

  15. Now navigate to Commands, enable the Options and God command.
  16. hacking xp administrator passwords

  17. Type god in God-Password field and log on to windows with the password god. Pretty simple.
  18. You can also navigate to Passwords and select Logon with wrong password and hash option. This will allow you to hack into any account with any password. You may type anything in the password field and it will log you in.
  19. You are done.

P.S : If the system is using any antivirus, this tweak might not work properly. Most antivirus companies added DreamPackPL tool into their virus list. This is not a virus but since it’s a hacking tool and used for hacing purposes, system antiviruses might stop it from working. You can disable any antivirus before applying this trick.

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  1. easy one!

    1.go to C:WINDOWSsystem32

    2.manually find the file lusrmgr and right click admin's username click on set password and click proceed

    5.give a new password!

  2. Michael Armstrong

    Long time ago , I was confronted with the password problem. Finally , my friend Jane introduce the Windows password Reset.It helps me access windows.

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