How To Know If Someone is Invisible, Offline or Blocked You On Yahoo Messenger

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Earlier I had posted an article on hacking Yahoo messenger to track anyone’s IP address. And now I’m going to tell you the ways to know if someone is invisible, offline or blocked you on Yahoo messenger. We can use Yahoo messenger directly to trace anyone’s online or offline status, all we need is some common sense. We can also use some third party hacking tools or websites to track this.

This trick is pretty much similar with hacking Gtalk to know someone’s online or offline status. But since both messengers are different, we have to follow different tricks to catch those invisible or offline users. We will talk about those users who have blocked you later on this post. Let’s know the tricks to catch invisible friends.

yahoo invisible offline track
How To Know, Find or Catch Invisible Yahoo Messenger Friends :

During Yahoo Messenger signing in process, it offer users three options on it’s main login window. One is to remember ID and Password, another one is to log you in automatically when window starts and the third one is to sign in as invisible. Look at the below screenshot.

find invisible friends on yahoo messenger

If a user check the box right before Sign in as invisible to everyone, then his status shows as offline and no one can know if he is online or not. If you want to know the online status of one of your friends, then there are many ways to do this.

Visit Yahoo Status Checker. Enter your friend’s yahoo username and hit Find. It will use it’s automated query system to track the actual Yahoo status. This is free to use and Ads free.

Find If Your Are Blocked By A Friend On Yahoo Messenger :

Now here is the twist. First of all users those who have blocked you on Yahoo will appear offline to you permanently. Even if they are online, invisible or offline, their status on your Yahoo messenger will be offline forever. But this is hard to know if that person is actually offline or being shown as offline for the block. Let’s know how to find them.
We need to use one Yahoo messenger hack called Buddy-Spy. Buddy-Spy is a third party tool that gives you the accurate information about someone’s Yahoo status. But it requires you to login with your account details in order to track someone’s online presence. Here you may want to use an dupe account. Never share your actual Yahoo password anywhere.

Find yahoo visible, invisible, offline, blocked contacts

Now if you find someone online on Buddy-Spy but offline in your messenger list, then you can get confirmed that you have been blocked by him. He will no longer appear online to you until and unless he removes your username from his blocked list.

Download Buddy-Spy and track all your invisible or blocked Yahoo contacts.

How To Know If Someone Is Online On Yahoo Messenger :

Do I really need to explain this as it’s pretty simple. All your online friends appear on your Yahoo messengers list in bold letter and highlighted colour. Check out the below screenshot.

find yahoo online friends

Simply click on those online yahoo users to initiate conversations. Tracking and tracing online friends can be done from your yahoo messenger window itself.

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(Buddy-Spy image credit : Devils Workshop)

Soumya is the admin and founder of Techcular. He loves to discover and learn new things on Internet. You can find him writing on his personal blog few times.

105 Comments to How To Know If Someone is Invisible, Offline or Blocked You On Yahoo Messenger

    • Can someone help me with this buddy tracker. It doesn’t matter what user name I put in, I aways get err undifined. ??? I must be missing the boat. It seems straight forward to me

  1. Hello thank you for the detailed info very cool but i was wondering is there a way to tell if someone is using there phone for yahoo messenger how would i detect that thank you in advance

  2. @ Jason : Well, there is no such trick to know if one is using Yahoo messenger from his phone or computer. But yes, we can use our commonsense in this. A person on phone can't type faster as with a computer 😉

  3. @Bapun thank you Bapun, yeah im trying to see if my GF is messenging with another guy while messenging with me she goes back an forth i knw her other screen so i knw she swithes bck and forth between user names. wish i could see what she was typing on her phone i already know shes using it. Any advice TY

  4. @ Jason : Sorry mate, but technology can't help you in this. You need to have a talk with her. Go and express your love before her once again. Talk politely and let her know your feelings on this. If she loves you, she will understand your possessiveness and if she don't, she will shout at you (because you didn't understand her fake love).

    And also, if she is broad minded and love to talk with friends, you should allow her this much space. Just my personal remarks…

  5. Thanks for the useulf info but I think the Yahoo Status Checker on this site is not giving correct results. I tested it with few diffrent accounts that I am sure of their status and it gave me Invisible for those that are in fact Offline and Offline for those that are really Invisible. This needs a fix.

    Thank you

    • i have gone through the yahoo questions and answers and have got a brief idea regarding tracking an offline status but still i have a question.If my girl friend is on invisible mode in her messanger having a live web cam chat with some other guy,is it possible to view her web cam??I would like to receive this answer in my mentioned email as i have got this link by surfing through many pages.please do reply at the earliest.
      Thanking you in anticipation…..!!

  6. Hi Bapun,

    Thanks for your response. It shouldnt be a hard work I guess as all one needs is to swap the status messages Offline/Invisible since it is working fine otherwise it seems too me so far.


  7. There is a way to tell if someone is using their phone . I Have a friend that uses hers.i Have my font color set but as she uses her phone when I hit send the message I typed It automatically goes to plain black font. I have another friend who has a pic beside her username and when she is all the way offline there is no pic there. when she is on there is a pic there but when she clicks to appear offline to me her pic is there but it's dim and black and white. I am not sure about that but that is just my theory.

  8. Hi Friends

    Thank for your tips, But there were something I still query. I would like to ask you a question about

    "Find If Your Are Blocked By A Friend On Yahoo Messenger ". Your tips were very well . But what if someone choose offline you permanently. Of couse When we check in Buddy it will appear as online status but Because they chose offline you permanently, therefore it is offline in your yahoo list.

    IF I have something wrong, Please let me know

    I hope You can help and teach me a lot of thing


  9. singularity

    Do you know that your Yahoo Status Checker gives contradictory results. I logged in my own ID as invisible and checked the status using your checker, It gave me wrong results..

    Moreover can you please explain the port and server settings that are to be used for Buddy Spy.


  10. singularity

    @Bapun : Is there any way around to check the last login time of a person into Yahoo Messenger.

    Moreover are the contacts in yahoo mail and yahoo messenger synchronized. If I have a chat buddy who is in my contact list deletes me from yahoo messenger. Now If I see his status in yahoo mail chat, what r the chances that he has deleted me or blocked me as well.

    I hope u understood wt I am trying to say.

  11. Hello Buddies ….! I want to know can i view someone chat history if i know his or her password. if he had login from other state i mean he stay in different state But iknow his id and password so can i see what he talk and chat with whoom

  12. @ Singularity : Nope, there is no way to tract the last login time of a chat user.

    Yup, I got your point. Well, this is true that Yahoo contacts are synchronized across all Yahoo services. However, the chat feature in Yahoo mail interface carries the default Yahoo messenger settings. Lets say I've blocked you on yahoo messenger and hence you can't also see me on Yahoo mail chat. However, you will still find me in Yahoo address book.

    @ Pawan : Nope, that's not possible. You can do that only if the user saves chat history on his computer and you have access to his system.

  13. I would like to second the motion of Kate's question last 6/14/2009 and thats the one I'd like to know as well…..


    "Hi Friends

    Thank for your tips, But there were something I still query. I would like to ask you a question about

    “Find If Your Are Blocked By A Friend On Yahoo Messenger “. Your tips were very well . But what if someone choose OFFLINE YOU PERMANENTLY. Of couse When we check in Buddy it will appear as online status but Because they chose offline you permanently, therefore it is offline in your yahoo list.

    IF I have something wrong, Please let me know

    I hope You can help and teach me a lot of thing


  14. @ Anne : Tools I've mentioned in this post are meant for tracking online status of a Yahoo ID, it has nothing to if the user ID is in your list or you have been got ignored by that ID.

  15. singularity

    The interesting point is to see, whether the user has stealth settings or has blocked me in his list.

    If I am in one's add list and we regularly email each other, How do I know whether the person has blocked me or has chosen stealth settings for me. I think only Bapun can answer

  16. oceansheart

    nice work pal
    but can i do the same with msn messenger.
    in another words is there any way to see who appears offline at msn messenger.
    also if some one has blocked me can i force him to receive my chat even while i am blocked.

  17. @ Singularity : Unlike Gmail/Gtalk, Yahoo mail contacts does get get added to your Yahoo messenger list automatically. And hence there is no way to track this as of now.

  18. Bapun you told in the article about how to know if somebody has blocked you or invisible and on your answer to Kate and anne, you said it has nothing to do with who has ignored you? Don't make sense really..

    Also if you don't know how to tell something about yahoo messenger then it's better to say you don't know about it than saying, there's no way of doing it. Example of it was you saying to jason that theres no such trick but kandell answered his answer. So next time you may want to say YOU don't know. Just an advice..

  19. @ OceanHeart : I will write a post on how to catch invisible or blocked MSN messenger friends soon. Stay tuned.

    @ Sam : Thanks for your advice mate. I appreciate it. But if you look into Jason's comment carefully, you can see that he was interested to know what her gf is doing over phone. He wanted to know the details like with whom his gf is talking with, what is she writing and all that. In my reply, I said that's not possible and which is 100% correct.

    Kandell shared a tip on how to catch invisible/blocked Yahoo messenger users, if they are on phone. Kandell's reply was not meant for Jason and it was just a tip she was willing to share. So, I am still confused.. what did you want to say, actually?

  20. Question: Is there a way to find out if a Yahoo ID is still active? For example, when sending an email to a yahoo id, I received an undeliverable message indicating something like the account was disabled or discontinued or something like that – but I can still view the person's profile from my list. When I check status using the status checker, I get Offline. Would like to know for sure if it is offline or if she has closed her account.

  21. @ Curious : If you are getting the bounce email notification, that does mean that he/she has closed or discontinued the email address.

  22. Yes the email address obviously :), but I wonder about the yahoo messenger since I can still view her profile. The same thing happened on; where the email is being bounced back as "mailbox unavailable" but we can still chat using the msn and live id she has.

  23. @ Curious : Like Google, using one Yahoo username you can get access to all Yahoo features. There are different guidelines for different services, let's say they close down email accounts after 6 month's inactivity but Yahoo messenger does not get affected with these time limits. In this case you will still be able to use Yahoo Messenger, but not Yahoo Mail.

    There is no proved way to catch these users. All you can do is send them a buzz on messenger and wait for a reply.

  24. oceansheart

    dear bapun

    you promised to find out how to catch invisible or blocked MSN messenger friends….

    i am still waiting for your have you find out or still working on it.



  25. Anyways to really block the spychecker? Whats the point of having the offline options when people can see u being offline

  26. Bapun, I have a chat buddy with whom I used to chat from yahoo mail. we regularly emailed each other very often. Now he appears offline to me. He has not blocked me but once I send him a request through yahoo messenger and when I check it now it shows me Add request Pending. Does it mean that he had blocked me. If so then why dont I get added to her contact list when I email her. Also why I dont get the reply that he has accepted or denied your Add request.

    In short I mean to ask what does Add request pending mean in Yahoo messenger despite the user logging into yahoo messenger and replying to my mails


  27. @ OceanHeart : I have already posted about invisible MSN users here.

    @ eezee23 : Yes, there are a lots of tools available today to track keyloggers (spychecker). Google them. Well, choosing the offline option will mark you as invisible/offline, and without knowing the trick, people can't find the actual status of your ID.

    @ Singularity (Anonymous) : Well, she might have ignored you on Yahoo Messenger or not using Messenger so often to see your friend request.

  28. LadyNThaRoom04

    Hey, Bapun I'm a yahoo user and this was a very informative and empowering posting and the replies you got from people were full of good info. Now I don’t have to waste my time looking for buddies online who maybe hiding on purpose because obviously if someone is doing that they should be removed from your buddies list because a real buddie would just simply say I can't talk right now. Thank you Bapun for this posting and all have a good day.

  29. hi the yahoo checker doesnt seem 2 keeps giving a message "Err Undifinied"


    is there a way 2 know if blocked by a usser or he jst used stealth mode to make me invisible 2 him

  30. I have a question…I have the yahoo messenger module on "my yahoo" homepage. It looks as if a contact is online, but if I log into my actual yahoo messenger, that same contact appears offline. Does that mean they are online but have blocked me on their stealth setting? I don't think they would be invisible?

  31. hi Bapun, is there a way to find out if someone is invisible in skype (3.8) w/o sending them them a msg or calling them using an anonymous account? Thx

  32. I really need to know which person has added me on their yahoo messenger because i really need to know this. Is there any facility in yahoo messenger to know the email address of people who added me?

  33. Hi friends,

    I download the buddy check, from the web site, bit i had a problem when i click on connect, it says that there is a problem and i do not know how to fix it? any ideas ??

  34. hey frnd

    can i access my other frnds FRND LIST without letting them know that i m accessing there frnd list.

  35. i m talking abt yahoo messanger. i wanna steal my frnds frnd list without letting them know. is that possible ……………hehehhehehehe just to play pranks

  36. hmmmmmmmmmm i was thinking abt some other options ……… some script that can be posted to ffrnd and when my frnd clicks on that link without letting him know i get his frnds contact …………plz see if possible

    thanks for help bapun ………lolz

  37. That doesnt work if the person uses yahoo messenger from the email window, I tried deleting myself and blocked me and I would still show online on my yahoo mail window on the chat application.

  38. i want to copy my frnd photos with out is permission how is it possible in orkut nd my frnd was is invisible and he was chatting how can i know that he is in online/offline in gmail.with out is password how to login is gmail/orkut id by knowing id only

  39. plz tell me how to know, that some one had blocked you on Gmail?

    I only find only one answer which is download pidgin, but this is an exception that i can not download things over than 5 Mb,
    is there any other way to do the same..???

    plz ans any one

  40. I'm facing a problem sometimes with my Y Messenger. a person cant read what i type when its a PM. whereas in chat room, all can read me properly. and this happens only sometimes. what's the cause and solution to this problem ?

  41. "Add request" appeared next to the sn (on yahoo messenger) of a friend i used to talk to a lot all of a sudden. what does it mean? Does it mean that he's deleted me from his messenger?

      • aprile patton

        I need to know if someone has blocked me from his e-mail. The site is I don’t know if this is MSN or not. How can I tell if he has blocked me. When I e-mail him he doesn’t respond BUT I also have not recieved anything that says it hasn’t gone through though.. Can you help me?

  42. Is the buddy spy still working? Last time I checked it, it did not work. Anyone has tried buddy spy lately?

  43. some1 try to chat with me with difrent ids,,i want to ask how to know that the person from diffrent ids is 1 ,,i mean can i get all ids of one yahoo user

    • this is a good question..i would also like to know how to do this, or how someone can find all the messenger ID’s from the same user?? i was speaking to a person and he said he looked me up on messenger and seen i had 6 accounts, HOW DID HE DO THAT

  44. Hi Bapun, I have an Original ID together with few aliases when I go into chat rooms, can someone track me if I m the same user:)

    • Nope.. you will remain untraceable and more interestingly you can talk to a single person from different aliases at the same time 😉

  45. Realms_Reality

    Can I set a notification to check when one of my invisible contacts comes online ?

  46. sallykris

    Hi Bapun – useful info, thanks.

    If i ignore a person, and then un-ignore them say a week later, will I receive messages they've tried sending while I'm "offline"? Or are they completely blocked?

    Also, I'm assuming once I un-ignore someone, I will then appear as online to them?

    Cheers and thanks

    • Yes, you will appear online to them as along as they are not in your ignore list. But you won't be able to retrieve any old messages that were sent during the "ignore period".

  47. Souvik Saha

    Hi Bapun………very useful tips from you bro!!
    I have sum queries regarding Buddy spy……..
    Whenever i chck for sumbudys status in Buddy Spy… doesnt shws actual status of that person . For eg even if i put a person who is actually online in yahoo messenger…buddy spy doesnt shws anythng while it chcks web cam and chat room status and mentions if that person’s webcam is offline or online while it also mentions that its unable 2 detect whether a person is in any room.
    So can u help me out is thre any problem with Buddy spy or could be sumthng else which i failed 2 recognize….
    Hope u wuld reply 2 this….

    • Souvik, BuddySpy uses various metrics to determine if a person is online or not, and the “online activity” plays a lead role here. May be Yahoo fixed the holes that the tool was using to track the offline users in between. I will come back with a working trick soon.

      • Souvik Saha

        Hey bro thnks for replyng anyways seemed 2 be that i have tried out some options in buddy spy and its wrkng and i am able 2 view online or offline status of ppl in my list….but yess regarding chat room status it still displays unable 2 detetct.
        Anyways thnx and keep on posting ur useful tips…tc and bye!!

  48. I am just wondering how come when I try to chat with my bf using my cellphone the reply was: There is no Y!ID associated with this number. Please try again. Does that imply that he blocked me in his ym? I used to chat with him using this and been wondering how come lately I can't connect with him already. Many Thanks!

  49. i add my friend using YM but he's not using YM, he's using msn..but now i cant see him online for few months afraid he block there any way i can detect him? can this buddy spy also detect the msn user?

  50. What if a person you used to chat with on Y!Messenger all of a sudden ignores you?I mean okay that is no big deal but you see them logged on Y!Mess when you log on and when you try to send them a message you have a message that says that the message you are trying to send could not go thru etc..Does this mean that this person has blocked you?

  51. I'm not sure but I have a friend whom I'm not sure if he deactivate his account or block me. I click on his ID to view yahoo his profile, but it gave an error saying "something seems to be wrong." So I tried to view my other friend's profile (who is online), I can view her profile normally. I tested again by trying to view another friend's profile (who is offline), and of course, I can see his profile without an error. After that, I tested by my using my own account (i.e. A) and my other yahoo account (i.e. B) So B add A, A "ignore" B. B click on A's profile but still can see A's profile just fine.

    So does this mean my friend whom profile got the error deactivated his account? If I'm right and maybe other people know this already, you should try to check your friends profile, maybe your friends deactivate their accounts and you didn't know.

    Also, I have another question…if my friend deactivated his account, I still can send him msgs but he just cannot reveive them (of courses lolol) right?

  52. Souvik Saha

    Hey Minzy like u even i am facing a similar dilemma …..

    I had made a new frnd online with whom whom i was chatting for few months and that frnd of mine had just created a new yahoo account but ever since i last heard from him a month ago, i haven't seen him online and when i checked his profile it showed a similar message which u said about…..

    may be he has deleted his account but on a cautionary note i checked out about deleted yahoo profiles on google and found out that yahoo has deleted some profiles which were not active for a long time while it has upgraded sum features……may be it could be a reason but still i am not sure about it, i may be wrong 2….

    Hope Bapun buddy would give a reasonable answer..!!

    • It's online and people land here at their convenience. May be your friend is busy with something. On the other hand, Yahoo! could have deleted the accounts that are inactive for years and since your friend changed his account months ago, that might not be the case. Wait for some more time or leave him your message offline.

  53. Yes I still have a problem last night. after downloading the Buddy it prompted Runout time error '9" Subscript out of range

  54. Is it possible to login with the same yahoo ID from too seperare locations? If so, how does one do this exactly?

  55. Does buddy-spy still work? Coz I tried it out and it never said anything, it found the right person coz when I looked at the profile it was the right one, but it never said whether the person was offline or online.

  56. Is there a way to find out if someone blocked/deleted me…
    …if someone *always* keeps their login setting as “invisible to everyone” on YIM?

    Since they normally never appear online to anyone, if I checked using the sources mentioned and saw them online –that would be a normal status for them, but still wouldn’t tell me if *I* was blocked/deleted.

    Is there a way to find out if someone blocked/deleted *me* if they always keeps their login setting as “invisible to everyone” on YIM?

  57. hi im just wondering what happens to my request, i have sent a request to a friend to add me again to his list (i deleted him a few weeks ago), the “add request pending” note still shows.. i wonder what happens to my request, he is online everyday, but still the note still shows.. i assume that he never approved me but isnt it right that when he decline my request he will automatically deleted in my account? isnt it right that everytime he goes online my request pops-up.. how do he ignore even though he is online everyday.. what other options is there to ignore these request pop-ups without declining?

  58. Hi,
    I hope u could help me regarding the deleted friends on yahoo messenger. I have had some friends on my YM list that I have deleted in the past. My mistake was, I didn’t think I have individually put them on “permanently offline” status before I deleted them. I’m guessing that they could still see me online or my msg. status when I go online. How do I get rid of them permanently? Another concern, if I download the newest version of the yahoo messenger, does it automatically alert or send an invite to those who have been on my list before, including the ones I have deleted? Pls. help. Will appreciate it much! Thank u

  59. buddy spy doesnt work for me. dont know why?.. how i can see people who blocked me in ym?.. thanks

  60. Can someone help me with this buddy tracker. It doesn’t matter what user name I put in, I aways get err undifined. ??? I must be missing the boat. It seems straight forward to me, but I enter my own user id or many other people and i get the same result.

  61. are you and my request is that how can we know the other person password if i have a email of that person.please tell me as soon as possible .i shall be very thankful to you for this favour.

  62. I want to hack my bfz facebook account its urgent please help me with it or any one do it for me as its very important i have tried almost every software suggested by you tube but nothing works and i am badly in need so please help me any body please :’(:’(:’(:’(:’(:’(:’( ……

  63. Is there a way to find out if someone blocked/deleted me…
    …if someone *always* keeps their login setting as “invisible to everyone” on YIM?

    Since they normally never appear online to anyone, if I checked using the sources mentioned and saw them online –that would be a normal status for them, but still wouldn’t tell me if *I* was blocked/deleted.

    Is there a way to find out if someone blocked/deleted *me* if they always keeps their login setting as “invisible to everyone” on YIM?

  64. what it mean if u sgin in using yahoo messanger at your mobil and at the smae time sigin is with the same account at your pc and u find a same person at your lisit but have a pic at the yahoo at your mob and a diffrent pic at the yahoo at your pc …………… so is that mean that he block or delete your from his list ??

  65. hi bapun… just tell me that how can i chat on yahoo messenger when my chats are blocke.. i mean i m not able to send chats to anybody irrespective to whether he/she has blocked me… i am able to receive chats but my chats are not reaching anybody… how to deal with this???

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