How to open a File Prompting – Access Denied?

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You might have surely come across the message prompting Access Denied upon accessing a file or while operating certain programs. This message simply indicates that there is some permission restrictions applied to the file made during its creation which restricts you from accessing the file and you are unable to view its content. Here is the tutorial how you can access the files that are restricted.

file access denied

Many users restrict the access to certain files for the sake of privacy. Those files give a message prompting Access denied. Now, you can easily access the files and view its content by changing some of the permission settings.

Resolve File Access Denied

access denied

To gain the access over certain files or folder as said earlier we need make some changes in the permissions settings, so follow the steps given below.

  • Select the file or folder whose content is to be viewed
  • Right click on it and click on Properties of that folder
  • Navigate to the Security Tab

file permissions

  • Under the Group and user names, choose the type of your account and check to see what all permissions you are having
  • Full Control – gives the Full control over the particular Folder/file
  • Modify – allows users to modify the content, but can’t create new one
  • Read and Execute – allows you to view and run program in the folder
  • Read – you can only view the content
  • Write- can create new file or folder and also edit the existing ones

From now onwards, you can access the file that says Access Denied. To access a file or folder you need to gain Full control over the Folder permissions or it also depends upon the users as what they want to do with that folder/file.

Change File/Folder permissions

To change File/Folder permissions, click on Edit button. A new window appears. You can edit according to your specific need to access the specific file or folder. Make sure that the files you are working on or accessing are not encrypted. To check that

  • Right click the folder and Click on Properties from the menu
  • Under General Tab, click on Advanced
  • A new window pops where you can see option which tells whether the file is encrypted or not. If it’s checked, then the file/ folder is encrypted, if it’s not, then it’s not.

If the file or folder is encrypted, then you need the encryption certificates to access the file. Or, simply try to decrypt files without any software.

Upon following the above steps you can now get access to that particular file/folder content without any hindrances.


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