How to Reduce Computer Monitor Eye Strain

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There are two reasons for a person to sit before computer for a long time. One is work and another one is computer addiction. Whatever the case might be, if you sit before computer for a longer time, you will develop eye strain. This will be very harmful to your eyes since computer vision syndrome is known to make people use some power glasses. But, here you can follow my simple steps to reduce computer monitor eye strain and work comfortably. No more eye strains.

Clear Type : Clear type is a part of Windows XP system for better reading and font spotting. Clear Type makes the font and it’s size readable. You don’t have to put much pressure on your eyes and start doing your work comfortably. Check out the below screenshots.

remove computer monitor eye strain

Take advantage of Online Clear Type Tuner and tune up your monitor to give you the most eye friendly version display. This can be activated through Internet Explorer only. Don’t use any other web browser for this, else this trick will not work. You can also download a small tool called Windows XP Clear Type Tuner PowerToy on your computer and adjust settings from itself.

Increase Computer Monitor Refresh Rate

If your computer monitor refresh rate has been set to low, your monitor flicker rate will increase. With a flickering monitor, your eyes get disturbed. Our eyes are not that much sensitive to catch this flicker, but most computer monitors flicker.

How to configure your computer refresh rate

1. Navigate to Start >> Control Panel >> Display >> Settings >> Advanced >>  Monitor

2. Check if “Hide modes that this monitor cannot display” option is checked

3. You can optimize your monitor refresh rate from”Increase Monitor refresh Rate“. Try to keep it as low as possible.

4. You are done.

That’s it. Following the above two steps will make your computer more eye friendly and you won’t face any problem even you start working from morning till afternoon.

Soumya is the admin and founder of Techcular. He loves to discover and learn new things on Internet. You can find him writing on his personal blog few times.

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  1. Signs of Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), the official diagnosis given to a range of symptoms that include:


    dry and strained eyes


    neck ache

    blurred vision

    CVS, more commonly known as computer eyestrain, is due to over- or misuse of computer monitors, bad lighting and other environmental and ergonomic factors.

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