How to Upgrade iPhone 2G/3G to 3.0 Firmware

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Apple released it’s much awaited iPhone 3.0 Firmware version. This new version of Apple OS (operating system) has a loads of new features that iPhone users were looking for. Features like MMS, copy paste functionality, internet tethering, bluetooth functionality will give Apple 3.0 Firmware  download counter a push. New iPhone 3GS phones comes with pre-loaded 3.0 Firmware. but you have to upgrade your 2G and 3G sets manually. Here is the detailed tutorial on how to upgrade 2G to 3.0 Firmware.

iphone 3.0 firmware

Upgrade iPhone 2G or 3G to 3.0 Firmware

You need to have Apple iTunes 8.2 installed on your computer, else you can’t get your iPhone upgraded.

  1. Connect your iPhone 2G or 3G to your computer.
  2. Open and run iTunes 8.2
  3. From the left pane, navigate to Source List >> Select Device >> iPhone
  4. On the iPhone pane, click on Check for Updates
  5. Click on Download and Install to resume the installation process
  6. Restart your iPhone once installation gets completed
  7. You are done.

Do not disconnect your iPhone from the computer during installation process. Once the installation process is done, you can enjoy the latest iPhone 3.0 firmware on your iPhone 2G or 3G sets.

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2 Comments to How to Upgrade iPhone 2G/3G to 3.0 Firmware

  1. If your iphone 2G with version 2.2 firmware is currently unlocked, can you use the same method to upgrade to 3.0 firmware? If not, what are the steps involved?

  2. @ oet51 : Yes, if your phone is unlocked, you can follow above steps to upgrade it to 3.0 firmware. No additional steps are required.

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