iCloud will Cost $25 Per Year After Free Trial

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As we know Apple will unveil iCloud service along with iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion at Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) which is going to be held from 6th June 2011 at Mascone Center in San Francisco. According to LATimes, Apple will offer free trial of iCloud service for those who buy music from iTunes. After the free trial period, iCloud service will cost $25 per year. You will be able to listen to it from any Apple device or web browser. iCloud is the online cloud service of Apple. It is expected that iCloud will replace the MobileMe service of Apple which offers syncing of contacts, bookmarks, calendar events and storage of e-mail and remote file.

iCloud service

The LATimes reports that “Apple would also sell advertising around its iCloud service”. Currently it is unclear whether the advertising would be present for only free customers or also paid customers and also it is unclear in what form this advertising would be. Well, It is expected that Apple will extend the iCloud concept to TV shows, movies, and other digital content. [Via]


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