IE 10 – View or Switch to Web page in Desktop Mode in Windows 8

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Internet Explorer is a default browser for new Windows 8 OS. Internet also comes in dual mode or interface similar to Windows 8 interface. Firstly the Windows UI mode that is opened on using Internet Explorer from Windows 8 Start Screen. Secondly, the desktop mode which is the normal full-featured desktop app and launches on the Windows 8 desktop. Here is the tutorial about how you can switch between desktop mode and UI as it offers more features that are not available in slimmed down app mode.

View switch Web page Desktop Mode ie 10 Windows 8

If you are using Internet Explorer 10 from the Start screen you can possibly switch the other mode i.e. desktop mode. Not only switch you can also open the same webpage that is opened or viewed in the other mode currently.
In this tutorial we will let to know how to view a web page in Desktop Mode that avails more features than the other App mode.

Steps to view a web page in Desktop Mode in IE 10 in Windows 8

To open IE 10 from Start Screen, simply click on Internet Explorer icon tile from the metro screen

start internet explorer

You will now have Internet Explorer app or browser open on screen

In the tab, press Windows + Z to open it address bar if it is not shown. Now, click on wrench button this will open the page tools menu

tools menu

Now coming to the main task, i.e. switching to Internet Explorer desktop mode, to do so, click on the View option on the desktop menu option.

ie 10 desktop mode

You can see that you are switched to the classic desktop and with Internet Explorer 10 with the exact same page that is currently being viewed

If you want to have the access to all features of Internet Explorer 10, switch back to Windows app mode, move your mouse pointer in the upper left corner of the screen. It pops out thumbnail for the last app used.

Or you can press Windows+ Alt keys to view list of all opened apps. On seeing the Internet Explorer app, simply click on it to go back.

Upon following the tutorial described above you can now easily view Internet Explorer 10 in Desktop Mode with same webpage as in the other mode in Windows 8.


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