IE Redirected & Frequent Pop-Ups – How to get rid of it?

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Many users out there have come up with a common issue of getting redirected to other websites instead of the ones they are looking for. If you are an Internet Explorer user and come across a numerous pops-ups or redirected to other site, then here is how you can resolve the issue with Redirection or pop-ups on browsing or launching IE browser.

IE Pop-Up redirect

The pop-ups or Adware are accommodated with various Apps and get installed on the system with the installation of the Applications. Some Software even changes the home page and redirects or changes your search Page. So, before you install or during installation of any software make sure to un-check the option stating installation of other Adware. Many of us overlook the option and end up with screen full of pop-ups or Ads.

  • Many Hackers develop Ads or malicious contents or pop-ups to gain unauthorized access to your PC. Beware of this kind of frauds. Avoid clicking on any Pop-ups or Ads as you can never know where it leads to.
  • At times the Add-ons on the Browser are mere culprit of pop-up on screen. So, to get rid of the Pop-ups you can run IE without addons. To do so, follow the steps given below

Open Start Menu and select All Programs > Accessories > System Tools

Next, click on Internet Explorer (No Add-ons)

internet explorer no add-ons

On Running IE browser without any Add-on, you can find the difference.

  • Moreover, you cannot be redirected to other pages unless you click on the smart links or Ads. Many Internet Money makers use links to acquire or make money.
  • Some Internet hackers use Pop-ups to redirect you to websites that in unethical or malicious and you end up with a infected system as they might serve as a gateway for virus and malware activity to your system.
  • You can opt to rest your Internet Explorer to defaults and fix many issues on your browser. To do so, open Internet Options from Control Panel or use the gear icon in IE. Go to Advanced tab and hit the Reset button. Before you do that you are offered several options to save your other credentials like bookmarks or passwords, etc. on browser.

If you are frequently redirected to other web site instead the one you are looking for, then it clearly indicates that your system has been infected.

Disable all the unwanted Apps from PC to get rid of the pop-ups or unnecessary redirection to useless pages. Run a full system Scan with trusted Anti-malware or Anti-virus and turn on Firewall protection.

That’s all. This is how you can get rid of or remove the useless Ads or Pop-ups on Internet Explorer Browser.


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