Top 5 Tips to Increase Facebook Likes

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Facebook is the most popular social networking website among all. Your popularity over Facebook is counted by the number of people who like you or your profile. It is the simplest way by which one can analyze your fame over the Internet or specifically on Facebook.

Various companies and corporate houses are also using Facebook to increase their fan list and clientele base nowadays. It in turn helps them to increase their reputation among the crowd. There are many ways through which you can too increase the number of Facebook likes. Here we are discussing the top 5 tips that will surely help you to do so.

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Add FB Like key on your website-

To add a Facebook like button over the official website is an easy way to increase your number of fans and likes. It will enable the users to like your company or services with just a single click. Most companies are using this strategy to add more people in their fan list. Use some interesting tag lines, graphics or content so that you can attract more people and make them your fan.

Incorporate FB comment button on your website-

Facebook offers the freedom of sharing thoughts and opinion with others around. This is one of the main reasons behind the fame of Facebook. You can use it to your benefit and increase your fans eventually. Add a comment option on your site in which everyone can write their views and comments. This will attract a good number of Facebook users towards your website. Thus, it will get more likes of the Facebook users.

Remind them-

Facebook can be a good option for direct marketing so try to attract everyone. To get full advantage from Facebook, remind your fans about your services and products. Try to manipulate or impress them about the best qualities of your company. Share some important events and features that will make the users eager to like your company. Share exclusive information about your new offerings to those who like your company so that they can become your permanent clients. Try to use their references and approach the larger masses as well.

Encourage your employees-

Initially, target your own employees and encourage them to like your Facebook profile. It will automatically attract many of their friends and acquaintances. Talk to the employees about your strategy and ask them for their suggestions. It will really help you to increase the like clicks.

Use Like option in promotional activities-

Use Facebook in your promotional activities. Share about your exclusive offers and products with those who liked your page earlier. Enable the users to directly view your website in which you mention all the information about your offerings.  You can directly hit the Facebook users by sending promotional messages to them. It will really help you increase your Facebook likes.

Number of likes is a parameter of your fame and reputation among others. You can reach to all people and get their positive response through the “like” by using these above mentioned important tips. One can appoint an HTML expert to achieve this goal as well.

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  1. Thanks @Ankit Pandey for your informative article.Facebook fan page has become a fashion for every business establishment either online or offline,now this days.So LIKE is must needed to publicize the page.

  2. this is true that if you use Facebook fan page then your blog or your work become popular. Its a great marketing place. However, thanks writer

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