How to Increase iPhone Ring Time

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iPhone can be customized and personalized in many ways using various tricks and hacks. One of those tricks is to increase the iPhone ringing time. If you find the normal iPhone ring time so short, you can increase it’s ringing time duration before it gets forwarded to the voice mail number. However, you don’t need to use any hack, jailbreak or patch to get this done as it’s a network carrier dependent feature and can be personalized from their end only.

Increase iPhone Ringing Time

You may want to contact the customer service of your carrier and let them know the ring duration you want and request them to set it for you. Here is an example on how to do this manually if your are an AT&T customer:

  • Dial *#61# and note the voice mail access number
  • Dial *61*[voice mail access number]*11*n# (Replace [voice mail access number] with the number you just noted down), where “n” is the number of seconds you want your iPhone to ring
  • You are done.

The ringing seconds should be in increments of 5 with a max time limit of 30 seconds.

Once you have successfully configured the settings, you can see a message as:

Setting Activation Succeeded
Voice Call Forwarding
When Unanswered

That’s it. By default iPhone rings for a duration of 15 seconds, but now you have increased it to 30 seconds before it gets diverted to your voice mail box.

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