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Using torrents for downloading purposes is the best way as it’s faster and convenient. Most people are depending on torrent sites to use the torrent files and download free stuffs. However, most of them are unaware of BitTorrent client settings and as a result they end up getting slower download speed. Downloading and installing a torrent client is not enough, you have to manually configure it to get the faster download speed for your torrent files.

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BitTorrent concept exists on peer to peer (P2P) connections. So, this is most important to establish connections with as much peers as you can to make download speed faster. You can set the max half-open TCP connections limit to 100 for faster speed.

  • uTorrent : Navigate to Options >> Preferences > Advanced options > net.max_halfopen and set the limit to 100
  • utorrent tcp

  • Bitcomet : Head to Options >> Preferences >> Connection > max half-open TCP and set the limit to 100
  • bitcomet tcp

If you are using any other torrent client, check out for this option in their Settings or Options menu. Now we have configured our torrent client to connect with 100 peers at a time for each torrent file.

Now it’s time to optimize the maximum download speed with maximum upload speed of the torrent files. Before doing this, you need to check your internet connection speed first. Once you have checked your internet connection speed, note the download and upload speed in a notepad and proceed to the following steps.

  • Set your maximum download speed for torrent files 95% of your download speed that you have just got from internet speed test
  • Set your maximum upload speed 80% of your internet connection’s actual upload speed
  • Don’t play with the above percentages, keep the above ones only. Changing them might make the download and upload speed more pathetic

Now you have also configured your torrent client to allot proper download and upload speed to each of your torrent files. In addition, if you are a torrent freak and download torrent files from different torrent sites regularly, you should consider disabling Windows firewall. Windows firewall does not have any support for TCP connections and hence it might slow down your download speed. You can disable the default Windows firewall and use any other firewalls like Outpost firewall for better speed.

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