Install Apps on a Reinstalled Windows 8 with a simple click

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All programs installed on your Windows program needs to be reinstalled once you format and reinstall the operating System on your computer. This is really a time consuming process to install every software program one by one. You might be aware of Windows 8 Apps store to launch Apps quickly. After re-installation of Windows 8 you don’t need to install all the Apps one by one. Here is the tutorial how you can install all your Windows store Apps with a single click.

install apps windows 8

Microsoft’s Windows 8 has brought out many changes in comparison to the earlier version of OS. One of the added features in Windows 8 is the Apps store. The previously installed store Apps in your Windows 8 computer can be installed in the newly installed OS with a single click. There are bulks of Apps installed in Windows Store apps. To achieve this, click on the Store tile on the Metro start screen to open the Windows Store. Right-click anywhere and you can see a top bar appearing on your screen. Now, click on your apps.

apps win 8

Under Apps not installed on this PC, you can see a list of apps which have been purchased by you or which were installed on your Windows 8 PC.

your apps windows8

From the bottom bar, click on Select all to select all the apps and next click on Install.

Upon completion of the above steps you can install all your Windows Store apps on your new PC at the same time. You don’t need to install one app at a time. You can select the particular Apps that are needs to be installed from the list presented there. However, you can select only some of them and install only those from this list.

This feature in Windows 8 doesn’t need to install all programs or Apps in the Computer, you can selectively install program with a single click thereby preventing the loss of valuable time.


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