Intel to launch micro chipsets for smartphones

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At a conference in San Francisco, the chipset manufacturing company Intel announced that they are looking forward to launch a new generation chip for smartphones and tablets in to the market. Intel is the world’s largest chipset manufacturer that tries to catch up with its competitor like Qualcomm, ARM and Apple in the heavily developing mobile market. The design of the chipsets are under in making process that measure 22nm and which will be prepare for high bulk of manufacturing in coming year. Intel is famous for providing best Computer chips but it is very slow to manufacture chips for the smartphones and tablets. The chipsets of smartphones and tablets are demands high performance and power efficiency processors for the reliability of phone.


The current chipset manufacturers are producing its chipsets of 32nm but Qualcomm’s best systems on chip (SoCs) are of 28nm and NVIDIA’s SoCs are 40nm. Manufacturers producing these small chips for better power consumption and also increased the performance of the device. The SoCs of Intel is very small that is 22nm in size and adding the extra features on it is very difficult according to the developer and analysis Patrick Moorhead.

Although Intel is a best PC chipset maker but many saying that the new technology is unnumbered with the competitor like Apple, Qualcomm and other manufacturer who have licensed from Britain’s ARM Holdings. It will not make any effect on the other chipsets manufacturer.

Mainly the Motorola is providing the Intel based smartphones in the form of RAZR i along with Lenovo and other smaller smartphone manufactures have also featured Atom (which is an Intel based chipsets) to the market. The Intel has its own status in PC market but now is fighting for space in the mobile market, which is dominated by ARM Holdings. Previously Intel had a popular platform of ARM processors named as Xscale processors but the company sold to the Marvell company and now is depending on its x86 platform for smartphones.

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