iOS 6 “Do Not Disturb” Not Turning Off Automatically in 2013

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Are you facing any issue with your iPhone running iOS 6 in the new year? As we know iOS 6 includes “Do Not Disturb” feature that mutes incoming calls and alert. It also provides option to choose specific time for enabling and disabling this feature. Now we came to know that some users are facing issue with “Do Not Disturb” feature on iPhone running iOS 6 in the new year. According to MacRumors, “Do Not Disturb” feature of iOS 6 is not turning off automatically in 2013.

iOS 6 Do Not Disturb

If you are using “Do Not Disturb” feature on your iPhone running iOS 6, then you might have faced this issue in the new year. You should note that all iPhone users are not affected by the bug. Some iPhone users are affected by this bug. According to some users, iPhone was not able to turn off “Do Not Disturb” feature automatically this morning, January 1, 2013. Japanese MacRumors reader Spacesamurai has reported that he has faced this issue on his iPhone running iOS 6 in the new year morning. He was not able to fix this issue. We are hoping Apple will fix this issue soon. If you are facing this issue on your iPhone running iOS 6, then you have to wait until Apple fixes this issue. It may be software related issue. If you have set alarm using the built-in clock app of iPhone, then it will not be disabled by “Do Not Disturb” feature of iOS 6.

Still no word from Apple regarding this issue. It is expected that Apple will release a new software update to fix this issue. This is not the first time iPhone users are facing issue with their iOS device in the new year. In the previous year, some iPhone users were affected by the alarm clock bug. Apple had released iOS 4.3 software update to fix iPhone alarm bug in 2011.


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