iOS 7 to Let Users Control iPhone with Head Movements

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Have you ever wanted to control your iOS smartphone with your head movements? Normally we have to use our finger to control our iOS smartphone. Now the good news is that soon you will be able to do it using your head. According to 9to5Mac, iOS 7 comes with a new feature that will let users control their iOS smartphone without using their finger. They can use their head to control it. You can find this feature in Switch Control that is available under Accessibility option. It provides two options such as Left head movement and Right head movement.

iOS 7 to Let Users Control iPhone with Head Movements

After enabling this option, simply move your head to the right or the left to control your iOS smartphone. It will provide a great experience. This feature is specially designed for the people who need assistance. 9to5Mac has also posted a video that demonstrates how this feature will work. You can watch the video embedded below. The Cupertino company has unveiled iOS 7 at this year’s WWDC. The new version of iOS will allow users to enjoy the most awaited iTunes Radio service on their iOS device. It comes with several new features. All the stock apps have been redesigned in the new version of iOS. The Cupertino company has used a new technology due to which the home screen will move depending on the phone movement. It includes Control Center that will allow you to control various features quickly from one place.

From the video you can watch the demonstrator is moving his head to control his iOS tablet. You will also be able to do it after installing the new version of iOS on your device. You will have to wait until fall to control your device using your head as the final version of iOS 7 is going to be released this fall.


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